Maihama Station is a train station located in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, in the south-eastern part of Tokyo. It is served by the JR East Keiyo Line.

The station building has two convenience stores, some fast food joints, and a large number of lockers of various sizes that can be rented.


Maihama is a locality of Urayasu, Chiba, best known as the home of the Tokyo Disney Resort, which is just two minutes on foot from Maihama Station.


Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort is a theme park owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company under license from The Walt Disney Company. It opened in 1983 as Tokyo Disneyland, and later developed into a resort with two theme parks, entertainment sections, hotels, restaurants, and shopping complexes. All the facilities are connected with each other by the monorail Disney Resort Line. Tokyo Disney Resort is the third most-visited theme park in the world behind Magic Kingdom and Disneyland in the U.S. In 2007, it hosted nearly 14 million guests.


The three main sections of the resort are the two theme parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea; and the large shopping complex, Ikspiari. Bon Voyage, a Disney merchandise store, is another popular place.


1. Tokyo Disneyland:


Covering an area of 465,000 m?, Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disney park to be built outside the United States. It consists of 7 themed areas:


(i) Critter Country – This is the land of the “critters” from the Disney film Song of the South . Throughout the area, burrows and little homes of the critters can be seen. The main attractions here are Splash Mountain (where guests can ride one of the Beaver Brothers' hollowed-out boats and follow the adventures of Brer Rabbit), and the Beaver Brothers' Explorer Canoes (canoe rides along the Rivers of America with beautiful views of Tom Sawyer Island and Critter Country).


(ii) Fantasy Land – As the name implies, this is the land of enchantment with the attractions being the many different rides based on Disney films.


(iii) Toontown – This is the town of the Disney cartoon characters, complete with a busy downtown and a suburb where the cartoon characters live. Here you can visit the homes of the characters and meet them in person.


(iv) Westernland – This is the wild west, where you can meet cowboys and gold-miners; visit saloons with dance performances, shooting galleries where you can test your shooting skills, and the theaters with bear jamborees; take thrilling rides through mine shafts and along the river on Mark Twain's riverboat; and be transported on log rafts to Tom Sawyer's Island complete with Tom Sawyer's Treehouse, Fort Sam Clemens, Smugglers' Cove, Injun Joe's Cave, and an Indian village.


(v) Tomorrowland – This is future land with rides that take you in space and through the stars, visits to spaceships where you can join Space Rangers on missions to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg, and stage shows full of imagination.


(vi) Adventureland – A great place for adventures, including voyages to the Caribbean, and visits to African jungles and Polynesian tropics.


All the above-mentioned themed areas have their own gift shops, restaurants, picnic areas, restrooms and lockers.


(vii) World Bazaar – A large complex with a variety of shops and restaurants, designed after an early 1900s small American town.


2. Tokyo Disney Sea


Disney Sea, covering an area of 712,246 m?, was opened in 2001 and is said to be the most expensive theme park ever to be built. Disney Sea consists of seven themed “ports”:


(i) Lost River Delta – Experience adventures in the Lost River Delta in the tropical jungles of Central America - ranging from following in the footsteps of Indiana Jones and roller coaster rides through ancient ceremonial sites to cruises on steamer lines and theatrical performances in the jungle.


(ii) Port Discovery – This is the marina of the future, where visitors can experience “modern modes of transportation”.


(iii) Arabian Coast – The enchanted land of the Arabian Nights, where visitors can go on voyages with Sindbad, ride on the carousel of exotic beasts, and enjoy live magic shows of the Genie of Aladdin.


(iv) Mermaid Lagoon – A unique “under the sea” land of Aries, The Little Mermaid's world. Attractions include various fun-filled rides and entertainment shows… all with “under the sea” feel and features.


(v) Mysterious Island – Travel to the center of the earth aboard fantastic vehicles and to the depths of the sea in submarines in this land of Jules Verne.


(vi) American Waterfront – An amazing experience of 20 th century New England with elevated electric trolleys, cars, and wagons; steam liners; the Tower of Terror; and music performances.


(vii) Mediterranean Harbor – This is a small fishing village of Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. Attractions include Venetian gondola and steamer line rides, explorations of a fortress, unique rides and spectacular shows.


Each of these areas has its own gift shops and restaurants.


3. Ikspiari


Ikspiari is a large four-floor shopping complex with nine themed zones and 140 shops and restaurants. It also includes a 16 screen cinema complex and event areas.


4. Bon Voyage


Shaped like a giant suitcase and hatbox, Bon Voyage is located at the gateway of Disney Resort right next to Maihama Station. It is a grand spacious store with a wide selection of Disney merchandise.


Other facilities at Tokyo Disney Resort include a Welcome Center, nine hotels, and dining areas.

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Hilton Tokyo Bay

An official hotel of Disney Resort, Hilton Tokyo Bay is located adjacent to the resort on the eastern shore of Tokyo Bay. Features include guestrooms with spectacular views and internet access, 14 meeting rooms, and 5 restaurants.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay

Located between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea Park, Sheraton Grande offers a park-like atmosphere in lush surroundings. Features include 802 spacious rooms with views of either Disneyland or Tokyo Bay, 13 boardrooms, and a wide selection of restaurants and bars.

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