Shimura-sakaue Station lies on the Toei Mita Line in the Shimura district of the western ward of Itabashi.


Yakushino Izumi Garden

Located just 3 minutes from Shimura-sakaue Station is the small but well known Yakushino Izumi Garden. The garden surrounds Daizenji Temple. It is said that during the Kyoho Period (1716-1735), when the eighth Tokugawa shogun, Yoshimune, visited the temple, he saw spring water bubbling within the precinct. He named the temple's Buddha statue "Shimizu Yakushi" (the Healing Buddha) and the spring “Yakushino Izumi” (Yakushi's Spring). The spring at the temple is held in reverence by believers and has been popular since the Edo times. The garden around it was restored in 1989 and then enlarged and beautified to its present form in 2000.


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