Welcome to Tokyo-Tokyo.com Japanese Phrases for Travelers. Japanese are travelers.  They travel all over the world and no matter where you go in the world you will meet a Japanese traveler.  Whether you want to converse with them in a country or place outside of Japan or within Japan the phrases on this page will assist you in conversing with Japanese travelers.  These phrases are also very useful for foreigners traveling within Japan because you may be asked questions by Japanese about your travels within Japan or other places you have been because traveling is something Japanese on the whole are very interested in talking about, especially with foreigners.

Japanese Phrases for Travelers
English Phase
Japanese Polite Translation
Japanese Friendly Translation
Have you ever been to Japan? Nihon ni itta koto ga arimasuka?  
No, I have never been. Itta koto ga nai desu. Nai desu
Yes, I have been there. Itta koto ga arimasu. Arimasu
Did you see Tokyo Tower? Tokyo Tauwa o mitta koto ga arimasuka?  
No, I did not see Tokyo Tower. Iie, mitta koto ga arimasu. Iie, arimasen
Yes, I did see Tokyo Tower. Hai, mitta koto ga arimasu. Hai, arismasu
I am going on Vacation. Kore kara ryokou ni ikkimasu.  
I am going on a business trip. Kore kara shyuttyou ni ikimasu.  
Do you like traveling? Ryokou wa ski desu ka?  
Yes, I love traveling. Hai, ryokou ga dai ski desu. Hai, dai ski desu.
How are you going to America? America ni douyate ikimasu ka?  
I am going by airplane. Hikouki de ikimasu. Hikouki desu.
I am going by ship. Hune de ikimasu. Hune desu.
I am going by boat. Bouto de ikimasu. Bouto desu.
I am going by car. Kuruma de ikimsu. Kuruma desu.
I will walk there. Soko made aruite ikimasu. Aruite ikimasu.
Where will you be staying? Doko ni taizai shimasuka?  
I will be staying at my parents house. Ryoshin no ie (uchi) ni taizai shimasu.  
I will be staying in my parents area. Ryoshin no tokoro ni taizai shimasu.  
I will be staying in a Hotel. Hoteru ni taizai simasu.  
How long will you be staying in America? Donokurai America ni taizai shimasuka?  
How long will you be gone for? Donokurai ikimasuka?  
I will be there for 5 days. Itsuka kan ikimasu. Itsuka desu.
I will be there for 1 week. Ishukan ikimasu. Ishukan desu.
I will be there for 3 years. San nen ikimasu. San nen desu.
I will be there for 1 Month. Ikagetsu kan ikimasu. Ikagetsu desu.
Where are you going. Doko ni ikimasuka? Doko ni iku no?
I am going to America. Amerika ni ikimasu. America desu.
Where in America are you going? Amerika no doko ni ikimasuka?  
How many times have you been to America? Nankai Amerika ni itta koto ga arimasuka?  
I have never been to America. America ni itta koto ga arimasen.  
It is my first time going to America. Konkai ga hajimete desu.  
Have a good/nice trip. Yoi tabi o.  
Good luck/take care Kyoskete.  
See you when you get back. Matta kaetta tokini  (aimasho)  
When are you leaving? Itsu ikimasuka?  
I am leaving tomorrow. Ashita kaerimasu.  
When are you returning? itsu kaerimasuka?  
I am returning next week. raishu modorimasu (kaerimasu)  
Did you buy your airplane tickets yet? Mo hikoki no ticketo wa kaimashitaka?  
Did you buy your train tickets yet? Mo densha no ticketo wa kaimashitaka?  
Did you make your airline reservations yet? Mo hikoki o yoyaku shimasutaka?  
Did you make you train reservations yet? Mo densha o yoyaku shimasutaka?  
Did you make your travel arrangements yet? Mo ryokou no yotei o tatemashitaka?  
Did you make your travel plans yet? Mo ryokou no yotei o tatemashitaka?  
Will you be going on any tours? Nani ka tour ni ikimasuka? Tour ni iku?
Will you be going sightseeing? Kankouni ikimasuka? Kankouni iku?
I went sightseeing. Kankouni ikimasu. Kankouni itta.
I went on a nature tour. Natur tour ni ikimashita. Natur tour ni itta.
When will you return to Japan? Itsu Nihon ni kaerimasuka?  
When will you go to Japan? Itsu Nihon ni iki masuka?  
I went swimming. Oyogini ikimasushita. Oyogini itta.
I went to the beach. Beach ni ikimashita. Beach itta.
I saw the Eiffel Tower. Effl tower o mimashita. Effl tower o mita.
I went scuba diving.   Scuba diving ni ikimashita. Scuba diving ni itta.
I rented a car and drove around. Kuruma o rental shite mawario unten shimashita.  
I went dancing. Odori ni ikimashita.  
I went drinking. Nomini ikimashita.  
I went to a local restaurant. Jimoto no restaurant ni ikimashita.  
I went shopping. Kaimono ni ikimashita. Kaimono itta.
I bought many things. Takusan kaimashita.  
I went to the city zoo. Dobutsuen ni ikimashita.  
It takes 5 hours by airplane. Hikoki de go jikan desu.  
It takes 3 hours by car. Kuruma de san jikan desu.  
It takes 30 minutes by foot. Arui de san ji fun desu.  
I made reservations leaving on September 30 and Returning on October 20. Kugatsu san ju niichi ni shupatsu de ju gatsu hatsuka ni modoru yoyaku o shimashita. Kugatsu san ju niichi ni shupatsu de ju gatsu hatsuka ni modoru yoyaku o shita.
I will be travelling next week. Raishu ryokou ni ikimasu.  
I will be out of town next week. Raishu machi o de mas.  
The taxi driver ripped me off. Taxi no untenshu ga watashi o damashimashita (damashita) Taxi no untenshu ga watashi o damashita.
Please come back soon. Hyaku modote kurasai  
I will miss you. Sabishi desu.  
Can I go with you? Ishoni ite i desu ka?  
Do you want to go with me to France? France ni boku to iketai desuka?  
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