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Tokyo Metropolis is situated in the center of the Japanese archipelago in the Kanto Region on the northwest of Tokyo Bay. It borders Edogawa River and Chiba Prefecture to the east, mountains and Yamanashi Prefecture to the west, Tamagawa River and Kanagawa Prefecture to the south, and Saitama Prefecture to the north.


Metropolitan Tokyo is divided into smaller administrative bodies – the “central” area, comprising of 23 wards ( ku in Japanese); the “western” area, made up of 26 cities ( shi in Japanese), 3 towns ( cho in Japanese), and 1 village ( son in Japanese); and the islands. Together they are about 2,187 square kilometers, running 25 kilometers north to south and 90 kilometers east to west.


The Wards:


The 23 wards of Tokyo are Adachi, Arakawa, Bunkyo, Chiyoda, Chuo, Edogawa, Itabashi, Katsushika, Kita, Koto, Meguro, Minato, Nakano, Nerima, Ota, Setagaya, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Suginami, Sumida, Toshima, and Taito.


Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Meguro, and Shinagawa form Central Tokyo . Chiyoda includes the electronics center Akihabara, the business center Akasaka, and the Imperial Palace; Chuo includes the famous shopping area of Ginza and the fish market of Tsukuji; Minato includes the port district of Odaiba, the exclusive district of Roppongi; and the skyscraper district of Shiodome; Shibuya is the fashionable shopping district; Shinjuku includes the huge camera stores, luxury hotels and skyscrapers; Meguro is a residential area with quite a few museums; and Shinagawa is a business center.


Sumida, Toshima, Taito, Bunkyo, and Koto form ‘Downtown'. Sumida includes the sumo district of Ryogoku; Toshima includes the train hub of Ikebukuro; Taito and Bunkyo form the heart of Downtown and includes the museums of Ueno and the temples of Asakusa; and Koto is known for its woodlands and the two rivers between which it is located.


Adachi, Arakawa, Itabashi, Kita, Nakano, Nerima, Ota, Setagaya, and Suginami are suburbs.


The Wards are earthquake-prone, so a number of wooden houses can be seen in the area.


Together the 23 wards cover an area of 621 square kilometers. Although most of this area is developed, there are still large stretches of green. These green spaces consist of both parks and gardens.


The Western Area of Tama:


Tama is located on the western side of Tokyo . It consists of 26 cities, 3 towns, and 1 village. The cities are Akiruno, Akishima, Chofu, Fuchu , Fussa, Hachioji , Hamura, Higashi-kurume, Higashi-murayama, Higashi-yamato, Hino, Nishi-tokyo, Inagi, Kiyose, Kodaira, Koganei, Kokubunji, Komae, Kunitachi, Machida , Mitaka, Musashi-murayama, Musashino, Ome, Tachikawa, and Tama. The towns are Nishitama, Hinohara, and Hinode; and the village is Mizuho.


Tama covers an area of 1,160 square kilometers. It is mainly urbanized and is known for its high concentration of universities, research institutes, and high-tech industries. Tama also has a lot of greenery, including large tracts of forests; and several water bodies, including rivers, streams, and lakes. The best known among the water bodies is Lake Okutama . The western part is mountainous, the major mountains being Mt. Kumotori , Mt. Takao , Mt. Mitake , and Mt. Mihara .

The Islands :


The two main island groups that form part of Tokyo are Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands . Together covering an area of 406 square kilometers, the islands have lush green landscapes and are filled with marine life. Between them they have 2 towns and 7 villages. Since the islands are geographically isolated, they are less developed and population is sparse. The main source of the income is fishing.


Climate of Tokyo :


The climate of Tokyo is temperate to sub-tropic. Winters are mild and summers are hot and humid. The rainy season comes in early summer, while late summer is usually accompanied by typhoons.

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