Tokyo Museums


Tokyo is a culturally stimulating city with some of the finest museums in the world. Tokyo abounds in museums, each more enriching than the other. The variety is also so large that whatever your interest, you are sure to find a museum to stimulate your creativity.

The larger museums, besides exhibiting cultural treasures of art and archeological items, also hold research and conduct educational events related to their assemblage. Most have restaurants and shops that sell souvenirs, catalogues, books, and other items related to the museum's collection.

Most museums are closed on Mondays and for New Year's (the last few days of December and the first 3 days of January). The privately owned museums close on national holidays as well. If the holidays fall on a Monday, then they close on the following Tuesday. Some museums also close when there is a change in the exhibits. It is, therefore, a good idea to call the museum before going to avoid disappointment.

All museums charge a fee for entry, which may vary from museum to museum. A savings pass, called the Grutt Pass, costing ¥2,000 ($19) and valid for two months, can also be bought at most museums, other participating attractions, and Tokyo's Tourist Information Centers. This pass has been made available by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and allows free or reduced admission to more than 45 attractions, including museums, throughout the Tokyo area.

Following is a list of some of the major museums of Tokyo (arranged alphabetically). While in the city, try and visit as many as possible and appreciate their many treasures.


•  Advertising Museum


Gives a glimpse of the history of advertising in Japan, from the Edo period to present.


Address: Ginza Toshiba Building 5F 5-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku

Phone: 03-3575-0481

3 minutes from Shiodome Station


•  Beer Museum Yebisu


Looks back at a century of beer-making.


Address: 4-20-1, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku

Phone: 03-5423-7255

5 minutes from Ebisu Station


•  Bridgestone Museum of Art


Exhibits Bridgestone Tire Company's collection of French and Japanese impressionists.


Address: 1-10-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku

Phone: 03-3563-0241

5 minutes from Kyobashi Station


•  Bunkamura Museum of Art

Exhibits modern art from both Japanese and foreign artists through theme-oriented approaches.


Address: 24-1,Dogenzaka 2-chome Shibuya-ku

Phone: 03-3477-9111

Next to Shibuya Station


•  Communications Museum


Displays postage stamps and items related to telephone, telegraph, and other forms of communications from the Edo period onwards.


Address: 2-3-1 Otemachi

Phone: 03-3244-6811

1 minute from Otemachi Station

•  Edo Tokyo Museum


Gives visitors a glimpse into the history, culture and customs of Edo-Tokyo.


Address: 1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3626-9974

1 minute from Ryogoku Station

•  Ghibli Museum


Exhibits the process of making animations and presents short animation films.

Address: Mitaka Inokashira Park, Mure 4-chome, Mitaka city, Tokyo

3 minutes from Kichijoji Station


•  Gotoh Museum


Gotoh Keita's (1882-1959) private collection of pre-modern Japanese, Chinese and Korean art.


Address: 9-25 Kaminoge 3-chome, Setagaya-ku

Phone: 03-3445-0651

5 minutes from Kaiminoge Station


•  Hara Museum of Contemporary Art


Specializes in contemporary art 1950s onwards.


Address: 4-7-25 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku

Phone: 03-3445-0651

10 minutes from Gotanda Station


•  Japanese Sword Museum


Specializes in Japanese swords and sword-fittings.


Address: 4-25-10 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku

Phone: 03-3379-1386

10 minutes from Sangubashi Station


•  Meguro Museum of Art


Offers an international collection of modern and contemporary art.


Address: 2-4-36 Meguro, Meguro-ku

Phone: 03-3714-1201

A short walk from Meguro Station


•  Mitsuo Aida Museum


Dedicated to the 20th century author and poet Mitsuo Aida.


Address: Ginza Toshiba Building, 5F 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku

Phone: 03-3575-0481

in front of Yurakucho Station


•  Mori Art Museum


Exhibits contemporary Japanese and world art.


Address: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower (53F), 6-10-1 Roppongi , Minato-ku

Phone: 03-5777-8600

A short walk from Roppongi Station


•  Museum of Maritime Science


With the theme “culture of the sea and ships”, the museum is filled with hands on exhibits and displays on life on the sea.


Address: 3-1 Higashi-yashio, Shinagawa-ku

Phone: 03-5500-1111

1 minute from Fune-no-Kagakukan Station


•  National Museum of Modern Art


Exhibits European paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints from the 14th through the 20th centuries.


Address: 7-7 Ueno-koen, Taito-ku

Phone: 03-3828-5131

A short walk from Ueno Station


•  National Science Museum


Collects, preserves, and exhibits a wide range of materials concerned with natural science and its applications.


Address: 7-20 Ueno Park, Taito-ku

Phone: 03-3822-0111

A short walk from Ueno Station


•  Nihon Mingeikan Art Museum


A folk crafts museum showing Japanese traditional arts.


Address: 4-3-33 Komaba, Meguro-ku

Phone: 03-3467-4527

7 minutes from Komaba-Todaimae Station

•  O Art Museum


A general art museum.


Address: 2nd Floor, Ohsaki New City No.2 Building 1-6-2 Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku

Phone: 03-3495-4040

1 minute from Ohsaki Station


•  Ome Kimono Museum

Displays clothing from the Imperial Household and period dress.


Address: 4-629 Baigo, Ome-shi

Phone: 0428-76-2019

5 minutes from Hinatawada Museum


•  Setagaya Museum


Presents exhibits of art ranging from the prehistoric to the most contemporary.


Address: 1-2 Kinuta-koen, Setagaya-ku

Phone: 03-3415-6011

7 minutes from Yoga Station


•  Science Museum Tokyo


With interactive exhibits, the museum aims to promote public understanding of science and technology.


Address: 2-1, Kitanomaru-koen, Chiyoda-ku

Phone: 03-3212-8544

A short walk from Takebashi Station


•  Sompo Japan Museum of Art


Dedicated to the works of the noted Japanese artist, Seiji Togo.


Address: Sompo Japan Building 42nd Floor 1-26-1, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Phone: 3-5777-8600

5 minutes from Shinjuku JR Station


•  Suntory Museum of Art


Displays ancient to modern art from all over the world.


Address: Tokyo Midtown Gardenside 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku

Phone: 03-3479-8600

Direct access from Exit 8 of Roppongi Station


•  Tobacco and Salt Museum


A many sided museum that specializes in the collection and study of materials relating to tobacco and salt.


Address: Jinnan 1-16-8, Shibuya-Ku

Phone: 03-3476-2O41

A short walk from Shibuya Station


•  Tokyo Fuji Art Museum


Displays artworks representing various periods and cultures of Japan.


Address: 492-1, Yano-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo

Phone: 042-691-4511

10 minutes from Hachioji Station


•  Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art


Consisting of a museum, a gallery, and a film center, it aims to provide an overview of modern Japanese art.



Art Museum - 3-1 Kitanomaru-koen, Chiyoda-ku

3 minutes from Takebashi Station

Crafts Gallery - Kitanomaru-koen, Chiyoda-ku

3 minutes from Takebashi Station

Film Center - 3-7-6 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku

1 minute from Kyobashi Station


•  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


Home to exhibitions of a wide variety of Japanese art.


Address: 8-36 Ueno Park, Taito-ku

Phone: 03-3823-6921

A short walk from Ueno Station


•  Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography


Features exhibitions, workshops, and galleries of all aspects of photographs and photography.


Address: Yebisu Garden Place, 1-13-3 Mita, Meguro-ku

Phone: 03-3280-0099

A short walk from Ebisu Station


•  Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum


An art treasure of the European Art Deco style of the 1920s and 30s.


Address: 21-9, Shirokanedai 5-chome , Minato-ku

Phone: 03-3443-0201

3 minutes from Shirokanedai Station


•  Tokyo National Museum


The oldest museum in Japan, it consists of the Japanese Gallery, the Asian Gallery, the Gallery of Horyuji Temple Treasures, and much more.


Address: 13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku

Phone: 03-5777-8600

Near Ueno Station


•  Tokyo Tower Wax Museum


Displays more than 100 wax figures of famous people of all walks of life.


Address: Tower Bldg. 3 F, 4-2-8 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku

Phone: 03-3436-6661

5 minutes from Akabanebashi Station


•  Ueno Royal Museum


Displays fine pieces of Japanese art and paintings.


Address: 1-2 Ueno Park, Taito-ku

Phone: 03-3833-4191

A short walk from Ueno Station

•  University Art Museum

One of Japan's largest museums of distinguished pieces of modern Japanese art.

Address: 12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku

Phone: 50-5525-2200

5 minutes from Uguisudani Station

Besides the larger museums (some of which are listed above), there are also a number of small museums and galleries in Tokyo. These small museums are specialist museums that specialize in one particular thing. Most of them are owned and run by enthusiasts who take their interests very seriously. Sumida Ward alone has 23 such museums.


Listed below (in alphabetical order) are some of the small museums of Tokyo, each of which is well worth a visit.


•  Alloy Casting Museum

The entire procedure of casting is shown. Various types of molds are on display.


Address: 3-4-13, Narihira, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3624-2494

5 minutes from Honjo-Azumabashi Station


•  Battledore Museum


Battledores made before the Second World War are on display, besides the history of the battledore and its production methods.


Address: 5-43-25, Mukojima, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3623-1305

A short walk from Hikifune Station


•  Bokusen-an


Displays hand-made yuzen (material used in kimono), barbola battledores, tortoiseshell works and Ichimatsu dolls.


Address: 1-31-3, Higashi-Mukojima, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3611-8555

A short walk from Higashi-Mukojima Station


•  Brake Museum


Brake systems used in trains, racing cars, etc are on display.


Address: 1-5-5 Kotobashi 2F, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03- 3632-6931

5 minutes from Kinshicho Station


•  Cigarette Lighter Museum


Cigarette lighters of various shapes and sizes are on display.


Address: 1-27-6, Mukojima (3rd Floor), Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3622-1649

A short walk from Higashi-Mukojima Station


•  Construction Tools and Wooden Frame Museum


Exhibits include documents and materials relating to construction tools and actual wooden frames of various kinds.


Address: 1-5-3, Kikukawa, Sumida-ku

Phone: 3-3633-0328

A short walk from Kikukawa Station

•  Drum Museum


Drums from around the world, including Japanese taiko drums, are exhibited here.


Address: 2-1-1 Nishi-Asakusa

Phone: 3-3842-5622

2 minutes from Tawaramachi Station


•  Dry Woodwork Museum


Exhibits include wooden toys and folk handicrafts.


Address: Kanso Mokuzai Kogei Building, 2-9-11, Kinshi, Sumida-ku

Phone: 3-3625-2401

A short walk from Kinshicho Station


•  Edo Textile Designs Museum


The history, work process, various tools, pattern samples and stencils of textile designs from the Edo period (1600-1868) are on display.


Address: 2-26-9, Yahiro, Sumida-ku

Phone: 3-3611-5019

A short walk from Yahiro Station


•  Folding Screen Museum


The manufacturing process of folding screens is explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Tools used and folding screens are also on display.


Address: 1-31-6, Mukojima, Sumida-ku

Phone: 3-3622-4470

A short walk from Narihirabashi Station


•  Indigo-Dyed Textile Museum


Exhibits include various tools used during the process of manufacturing indigo-dyed summer kimonos (yukata) and split curtains (noren).


Address: 1-29-1, Kyojima, Sumida-ku

Phone: 3-3611-6760

A short walk from Higashi-Mukojima Station


•  John Lennon Museum

Built as a tribute to him and his music, the museum has a variety of John Lennon's costumes and musical instruments.

Address: Saitama Super Arena, 8 Shintoshin, Chuo-ku

Phone: 048-601-0009

3 minutes from Saitama-Shin-Toshin Station   


•  Kite Museum


Exhibits traditional kites from all over Japan, China, and other Asian countries .


Address: 5th floor of Taimeiken Restaurant, 1-12-10 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku

Phone: 03-3271-2465

1 minute from Nihombashi Station


•  Kobayashi Doll Museum

The entire procedure of making traditional Japanese dolls is exhibited here.


Address: 6-31-2, Yahiro, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3612-1644

A short walk from Yahiro Station


•  Koimari Museum


On display are Koimari potteries of the Edo period.


Address: Ace Motors, Inc. 2nd Floor, 5-23-9, Yahiro, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3619-3867

A short walk from Yahiro Station


•  Meiji Jingu Treasure Museum


On display are items that belonged to Emperor Meiji.


Address: 1-1 Yoyogi Kamizonocho, Shibuya-ku

Phone: 03-3379-5511

In the Meiji Shrine complex in front of Meij Jingumae Station


•  NHK Broadcasting Museum

Displays depict the history of broadcasting in Japan.


Address: 2-1-1 Atago, Minato-ku

Phone: 03-5400-6900

2 minutes from Kamiyacho Station


•  Noh Mask Museum


Noh masks and the procedures used in their making are exhibited here.


Address: 5-10-5, Narihira, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3623-3055

5 minutes from Oshiage Station


•  Ota Memorial Museum of Art


Displays ukiyo-e prints and paintings from Ota Seizo's collection.


Address: 1-10-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Phone: 03-3403-0880

3 minutes from Omotesando Station


•  Paper Museum


Dedicated to preserving the traditions and ways of making the handmade Japanese paper.


Address: 1-1-3, Oji, Kita-Ku

Phone: 03-3916-2320

A short walk from Oji Station


•  Paulownia Wood Museum


On exhibit are paulownia chests and the tools needed in their manufacture.


Address: 4-1-8, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku

Phone: Tel. 03-3632-0341

7 minutes from Honjo-Azumabashi Station

•  Rubber Baseball Exhibition Hall


The history of baseball equipment, such as bats, balls, gloves and how they are manufactured, is exhibited here.


Address: 2-36-10, Sumida, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3614-3501

A short walk from Kanegafuchi Station


•  Safe and Key Museum


Safe boxes, locks and keys from ancient to modern times are exhibited here.


Address: 3-4-1, Chitose, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3633-9151

3 minutes from Morishita Station


•  Sumida Housing Center, Wooden House Museum


On display are traditional tools, such as planes, chisels and metal measuring tools, used by carpenters in Sumida.


Address: 1-7-16, Tsutsumi-dori, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3612-7724

5 minutes from Yahiro Station


•  Sumo Museum


Displays ceremonial sumo costumes, hair-cuttings, calligraphy, and woodprints, besides giving a historical overview of the sport .


Address: 1-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3623-5111

1 minute from Ryogoku Station


•  Sumo Photo Museum


History of sumo wrestling is exhibited here through photographs and other materials.


Address: 3-13-2, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3631-2150

3 minutes from Ryogoku Station


•  Suzuki Carpenter's Museum


Handmade woodwork, including embossing and lathing, is exhibited in this museum.


Address: 6-38-15, Higashi-Mukojima, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3616-5008

5 minutes from Higashi-Mukojima Station


•  Tabi Museum


Exhibits material related to the history of tabi (Japanese socks) and the tools used to make them.


Address: 1-9-3, Midori, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3631-0092

A short walk from Kikukawa Station


•  Takinami Glassware Museum

Exhibits include various kinds of glassware, tools and the procedures used to manufacture glass.


Address: 1-18-19, Taihei, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3622-4141

5 minutes from Kikukawa Station


•  Tokyo Restoration Memorial Museum


Various articles salvaged from fires caused by the Great Kanto Earthquake, wars and other traffic disasters are exhibited here.


Address: 2-3-25, Yokoami, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3622-1208

5 minutes from Ryogoku Station


•  Tortoiseshell Museum


On display are tools used in the making of tortoiseshell, and in the designs of such items as combs and ornamental hairpins.


Address: 2-5-5, Yokoami, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3625-5875

3 minutes from Ryogoku Station


•  Traditional Wood Sculpture Museum


History of building decoration and wood sculpture often found on temples and shrines is depicted here.


Address: 4-7-8, Higashi-Komagata, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3623-0273

5 minutes from Honjo-Azumabashi Station


•  Wood Carving Museum


Various carved wood pieces are exhibited in this museum.


Address: 1-13-3, Ishihara, Sumida-ku

Phone: 03-3622-4920

5 minutes from Ryogoku Station

•  Yushukan War Memorial Musuem

Honors war heroes of Japan, who gave their lives for their country, by exhibiting items related to the Meiji Restoration, the Satsuma Rebellion, and the founding of the Yasukuni Shrine in the 1860s.

Address: 3-1-1 Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku

Phone: 3-3261-8326

3 minutes from Kudanshita Station

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