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With a population density of 5,736 persons per square kilometer, Tokyo is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The population of Tokyo City is 8,457,000, while that of the Tokyo metropolitan area is 12,544,000, which is 10% of Japan's total population. B esides the regular residents of the city, a large number of people commute to Tokyo everyday from nearby prefectures to study or work, thus making Tokyo's population by day much higher than by night.

Tokyo is overwhelmingly a mono-racial society with 98% of the population being Japanese, and the remaining 2% being Korean, Chinese, Philippine, British, American, Brazilian, and Peruvian. Most Japanese believe in the purity of their race, but latest investigations have revealed that they are actually a mixture of groups. This mix of Japanese stock has been created over a long period of time from different ethnic groups the Ainu , the Jomon, and the Yayoi . The Ainu are the aboriginal people of Japan, the Jomon had migrated from North and Central Asia several thousands years ago, and the Yayoi came to Japan from the southern part of the Korean Penisula around 400-300 BC.

The people of Tokyo are mostly nice and polite, though they may seem distant due to the fact that they usually like to keep to themselves. Most know at least a little English and are always willing to help foreigners in any way they can.

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