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Tokyo is definitely a melting pot.  Tokyo is the most diverse city in Japan where there are more non-Japanese (who will be referred to as foreigners throughout this web page) than any other city in Japan.  Many Japanese hang out it Tokyo to meet foreigners or "Gaijin", as it is said in Japanese, and at the same time foreigners go to Tokyo to meet Japanese.  Whether it is for language exchange, cultural exchange, making friends, or finding someone to have a long term relationship with and possibly marriage, Tokyo is the place.  There are several ways to meet people in Tokyo.

International Party

One of the best places to meet people of different nationalities is at an international party which are plentiful in Tokyo with several different companies sponsoring these parties. Some have even found there soulmate at an international party. These parties are held by various groups and people in different parts of the city. An international party's main objective is to give a foreigner or a tourist an opportunity to make new friends, exchange information, learn about new cultures, and above all, have fun. These casual dress parties are usually held once or twice a month. A small fee is charged which includes light meals and drinks.


Given below is an ‘international party' organizer called Gaitomo that highly recommends. They put on excellent parties and always draw many Japanese that are looking to make friends with foreigners.  Visit their website to learn more.  They normally hold 2 to 3 parties weekly.


It may not sound like a place to meet in some parts of the world, but Japan is is a very common place to meet.  Most of the bars that cater to foreigners and to Japanese who are interested in hanging out with foreigners meet at the bar, which is commonly referred to a stand-up bar because of its limited seating. 


Another popular way to meet is through the internet. has partnered with a reputable on-line meeting site. Click the banner at the top of this web page or fill in the search block above to start your search of Japanese friends.  It is a company that we highly recommend and support because it goes beyond just the matchmaking process. One can locate friends and form relationships with others who have a common interest. 

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