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There’s so much to do and see in Tokyo that one needs to plan well in advance. The first step in doing this is to list all the things you want to do and see, and then plan your tours accordingly. There are many different ways of touring and exploring the many sights of this diverse city. The main ones are:

Guided Tours: Guided tours are the best option for visitors who are in Tokyo for a short period of time as more can be seen in less time. Guided tours on motorcoaches are offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as well as by private tour and travel companies. They all offer several tours to choose from – tours of the major highlights of the city, culture tours, visits to one specific neighborhood, single themed tours like gardens or temples and shrines, and so on. These may be half-day, full-day, or night tours, all accompanied by a guide. Seats have to be reserved in advance. Some tour operators have designated places from where they depart, while others have free pick up services.

Private Tours: Some tour and travel companies offer customized private tours of Tokyo in mini-vans with a guide or an English (or French/Spanish/any other language) speaking driver. These tours are best suited to those with specific interests and who like to take their time in exploring particular places and ask questions. Tourists may discuss their interests with the operators who tailor and arrange private tours accordingly.

Walking Tours: Walking tours are ideal for those who love to explore on foot and communicate directly with locals to learn more about what they are seeing. There are several types of walking tours to choose from – while some take you around specific wards and neighborhoods, others take you around the major Tokyo sights, shopping districts, parks, museums, or give you a chance to experience a Japanese tea ceremony. Walking tours are truly the best way to learn the ins and outs of a place.

Self-guided Tours: Touring the city on your own with the help of a map and a guide is also easy in Tokyo. There are several published guides of the city with detailed maps available with all tour and travel companies, hotels, and book stores. People who like to do things at their own pace on their own, or are traveling on a tight budget, usually go for this option.

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