Yokosuka-Chuo Nightlife

The Yokosuka-Chuo area is full of bars and restaurants.  Many bars that cater to the foreigners are right outside the main gate of Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka which is home to many U.S. Navy
personnel.  The area right outside the Yokosuka main gate is commonly known at the "Honch" to the U.S. military personnel either stationed or visiting the Yokosuka Naval Base.  During the day many local Japanese either are visiting the area to buy military memorabilia or having lunch ordering the famous "Yokosuka Navy Burger" or the "Yokosuka Navy Curry". Come late afternoon the bars begin to open catering to the U.S. military personnel who want to have a drink to relax and play some pool or darts.  Later in the night the bars that have dancing begin to open up. 

Given below is information and links to all the various nightlife places in the Yokosuka-Chuo area that we recommend:

Yokosuka-Chuo Area Nightlife Listings

Dance, listen to live music, or go to visit the special DJ events that take place at Green Hill in Yokosuka.  Special events include hot music events such as Hip Hop, Raggae, R&B, Rock, techno, trancs, etc. and enjoy the delightful company of the customers who are MILITARY, DANCERS, MODELS and THE LOCAL JAPANESE. Check their website for up-to-date information on events and special offerings.  Open nightly from 6:00 p.m. until.  Green Hill is very safe, and conveniently located in the "Honch" area of Yokosuka-Chuo on Dobuita Street outside the Yokosuka Base main gate.  You must be at least 20 years old to enjoy alcoholic drinks. Enjoy the best mix drinks around! Staff is very friendly also and can speak English and Japanese.

If you desire additional information:

Website:  www.greenhill-yokosuka.com

email: contact.greenhill@gmail.com


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