Kachidoki Station is located in the Kachidoki area of Chuo Ward of Tokyo. It is served by the Toei Oedo Line.


Kachidoki Bridge


Kachidoki Bridge is the best known and the most unique of the 27 bridges that cross the Sumida River. Located a 5 minute walk from Kachidoki Station, it is the closest bridge to the Tokyo Bay. This only drawbridge across the Sumida was built in 1940 to commemorate Japan's victory in the battle of Lushun during the Russo-Japanese War (Kachidoki meaning “a shout of victory” in Japanese).


Kachidoki Bridge is 246 meters long and 22 meters wide. It is a double-leaf bascule bridge, where both leaves (sides) are lifted up about 70 degrees and the spans (900 tons each) are counterweighted (by 1,100 ton counterweights) so that each span is easily rotated up, thus opening the center. Operated by electricity, it takes about 70 seconds to open or close. Until 1953, when the river was the major route of Tokyo's transportation, Kachidoki Bridge opened 5 times a day for 20 minutes each to let the ships pass through. As highways were built and overland traffic increased, the use of freight ships decreased and the bridge was opened less. In the year 1964 Kachidoki Bridge opened only 100 times, and in the years that followed, the frequency lessened. In 1970 it opened only once, and that was the last time. It hasn't opened since.


Kachidoki Bridge is illuminated at night which makes it a beautiful sight when viewed from Sumidagawa Terrace , the popular riverside walkway.


Kachidoki Bridge Museum


Kachidoki Bridge Museum is a small museum located next to the bridge. It is filled with memories of the times when Kachidoki Bridge opened several times a day. On the first floor of the museum building you can see a video presentation of the bridge structure and its functioning. The upper floor has the control panels of the bridge and all the artifacts related to the bridge, such as the weather log books and the traffic lights. The museum is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Entry is free.


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