Kameido Station is a train station located in Koto Ward of Tokyo. It is served by the JR East Chuo-Sobu Line and the Tobu Railway Kameido Line.


Kameido is a neighborhood in northern Koto Ward in the east of Tokyo. It is a simple place with the only busy area of the locality being Sun Street Kameido, located just south of Kameido Station. This is a modern shopping street with attractive stores, restaurants, and a large event space which besides a stage also includes rides for children.


Although Kameido today is a quiet and unpretentious place, it used to be a busy shitamachi during the Edo era. Because of this the area still holds a touch of old Edo. Its back streets are narrow and some old architecture can still be seen. There are also plenty of shrines and temples in Kameido that date back to the old days. Among these, the most famous is Kameido Tenjinja Shrine.    


Kameido Tenjinja Shrine


Kameido Tenjinja Shrine is the biggest attraction of northern Koto and one of the most famous landmarks of Tokyo. It is a large shrine with beautiful gardens and picturesque ponds and bridges. Kameido Tenjinja was founded in 1662 in memory of the ninth century scholar, Sugawara no Michizane, also revered as the god of literature and learning. Before exams, students from all over Tokyo come here to pray for success.  


Kameido Tenjinja Shrine is best known for the arched Drum Bridge located over a pond in its charming garden. This wooden Drum Bridge was originally built around the same time as the shrine, but what we see today is the newer version re-constructed after the original was destroyed in the WWII bombings.


Kameido Tenjinja Shrine is also known for Fuji Matsuri, or the Wisteria Festival, celebrated on the grounds every year from the end of April to the beginning of May. This is the time when the fuji, or the Japanese wisteria, said to be planted at the same time that the shrine was built, are in full bloom. People come in thousands to view the beautiful site of over a 100 wisteria plants blooming in their full amethyst color. The sight is made even more beautiful when the colorful flowers are reflected in the many ponds of the shrine grounds, giving the place a beautiful violet shade. People who come to view the beautiful sight are also treated to open musical performances.


Kameido Tenjinja Shrine is located a short walk from Kameido Station.

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