Mita Station is located in the Mita district of Minato Ward of Tokyo and serves the subway lines of Toei Mita and Toei Asakusa.

The main thoroughfare of the district of Mita is Mita Dori (street). This four-lane avenue was once a shopping center, but now is home to a large number of office buildings and condominiums. Tokyo Tower, which is located at the north end of the avenue, can be seen from any point of the avenue. On the west side of Mita Dori, Saiseikai Central Hospital, Mita International Building, and Keio University are located; and on the east side are Mita Library, Mita Police Station, and Fushimi Sanpo Inari Shrine.

Fushimi Sanpo Inari Shrine

Located on Mita Dori, a short distance from Mita Station, is Fushimi Sanpo Inari Shrine. This Shinto Shrine was established to worship Inari, the popular Japanese deity of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry, and worldly success. A relatively new shrine, the structure is made of concrete and the roof is of copper.

Keio University

Situated a 7-minute walk from Mita Station, is the Mita Campus of Keio University. Keio University is Japan’s first private institution of higher learning, having been founded by Yukichi Fukuzawa in 1858 as a school for Dutch studies. Today it has grown into an internationally known and respected Japanese university ranking second in prestige only after the public University of Tokyo.

The Mita Campus has been the main site of Keio University since it was moved here in 1871. It houses four of the nine faculties of the university - Business & Commerce, Economics, Law (including Political Science), and Letters – with more than 11,000 students enrolled here. The gothic red brick library of the Campus, built in 1912, is a symbol of Keio University and has been recognized as an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese Government.


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