Shinbaba Station is a train station located in the Shinbaba district of Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo. It is served by the Keihin Electric Express Railway’s Keikyu Main Line.


Shinbaba, also known as Shin Bamba, is one of those older parts of Tokyo where the old shitamachi touch can still be felt. Walking down the main street is like walking the old downtown – with noodle shops, traditional engravers, and fruit shops on both sides. Centuries old temples and shrines can also be seen in the area. These temples and shrines can very aptly be called “original” as they are not reconstructed ones like those in the rest of the city. They are as they were originally built – having escaped bombing during World War II.


The most famous shrine of the area is Shinagawa Shrine.


Shinagawa Shrine


Shinagawa Shrine is one of the most ornate shrines of Tokyo. Built in 1187, it sits atop a hill which was created by lava ashes from Mount Fuji. The uniqueness of Shinagawa Shrine can immediately be seen upon approaching the main gate, or the Torii. The torii of the other shrines of Tokyo are made of wood and have smooth surfaces, but the one at Shinagawa Shrine is made of stone and on its pillars, images of dragons have been incorporated.


This shrine is also known for its Tenno Matsuri, a festival held every year in June. This extremely popular festival attracts thousands of visitors each year. Its main features are two portable shrines – one weighing 2 tons and the other 1.5 tons – which are carried through the streets of Shinagawa, accompanied by rhythmic beatings of the traditional drums, playing of flutes, and dancing. 
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