Ishikawacho Station is located in the Ishikawacho area of Naka Ward of Yokohama. It is served by the JR East Keihin-Tohoku and Negishi Lines.


Ishikawacho is situated near the tourist area of Yamate. The history of the place goes back to 1859 when Yokohama Port was opened and foreign residents started moving in. Soon Yamate, being close to Yokohama Port, became a foreign residential area and several western style housed were built. Out of these seven have been preserved. These seven houses, which are together called the Yamate Seiyokan Residences, are divided into three sections – Harbor View Park, Motomachi Park, and Italian Park.


Italian Park is located just 3 minutes walk from Ishikawacho Station. The residences located here are the Bluff 18 Ban-Kan and the Home of a Diplomat. The Home of a Diplomat is one of the better know residences and has been designated Important Cultural Asset. It was originally used as a residence of Sadatsuchi Uchida, a diplomat of the Meiji government, and was later given to the Italians to be used as the Consulate General of Italy. Built in 1910, this is a two-story western style building with a tower built in the American Victorian style. A café has now been added to the place so visitors can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in an atmosphere of the bygone days.         


Yokohama Bay Bridge


Yokohama Bay Bridge is a prominent landmark of Yokohama. This 860 m long suspension bridge spans part of Yokohama Bay and connects Honmoku Pier and Daikoku Pier. The bridge, which opened in 1989, is considered to be one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. It is supported by 176 diagonal cables attached to two H-shaped pillars. Besides being a very useful commuting expressway, Yokohama Bay Bridge is a one of the most popular tourist attractions of Yokohama because of its sheer architectural beauty.


For the benefit of tourists, Yokohama Bay Bridge has a walkway exclusively for pedestrians, called The Sky Walk. The Sky Walk, which is 320 m long, extends from Sky Tower on Daikoku Pier to Sky Lounge (a circular observation deck with a spectacular view of Yokohama) on the main pillar of the bridge. All along the Sky Walk, coin-operated telescopes have been placed for better viewing of the sites. The walkway is a huge tourist attractions visited by millions of tourists each year. Seeing the large number of tourists, timings have been set to tour the walkway. During the summer from April to September, Sky Walk allows entry from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; and during the winter months from October to March, visitors are only allowed from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The walkway remains closed on Tuesdays.


Yokohama Bay Bridge and The Sky Walk are 10 minutes walk from Ishikawacho Station.


Honmoku Fishing Park


Also located 10 minutes from Ishikawacho Station is Honmoku Fishing Park. The Honmoku Fishing Park is situated on Pier D of the Honmoku Docks on the Yokohama waterfront. The park is a popular fishing destination, especially during the summer as fishing is free during this time. Fishing rods, reels, and lines can be rented and bait is free. The rest of the year, the cost of fishing is 1000 yen for one day.  


Located in the center of Honmoku Fishing Park, is the Yokohama Port Symbol Tower. This 36.5 m tall chalk-white tower has an observation lounge at the top offering a panoramic view of Yokohama Port.
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