Kami Itabashi


Kami Itabashi Station is a railway station located in the Kami Itabashi area of Itabashi Ward of Tokyo. Served by the Tobu Tojo Line of Tobu Railways, the station consists of two island platforms. Platforms 1 and 3 are for the trains that stop at the station, and Platforms 2 and 4 are for the trains that only pass through the station.


Kami Itabashi Station is mainly known as the station for Johoku Chuo Park. Visitors coming to this popular park generally use this station, located a 15-minute walk away.


Johoku Chuo Park 


Johoku Chuo Park is one of the largest and most popular parks of Japan. Mainly used as a recreational area, it is also a designated disaster relief zone of the area (meaning citizens may be evacuated and gathered in this park in case of disaster). The park was originally created in 1942 to provide shelter to those affected by the World War II bombings. In 1970, the park was enlarged, several sports facilities added, and then opened to the public.


Johoku Chuo Park covers an area of 254,938 m, of which 23,600 m is covered with grass. There are over 9,200 trees and 16,100 shrubs of various types and species.


The main attractions of the park are:


1. The Nara Ruins: During the construction and search for rare plants by scientists, ruins of old houses from the Nara Period (710-794 AD) were found within the park area. Studies proved that this place used to be a village during the Nara Period. The houses were excavated and restored and now they look much like they used to during the period. Various artifacts dating from the Stone Age through the Heian Period (794-1185 AD) were also found are now on display in a museum among the ruins.  


2. Traditional Japanese Gardens: The beautiful rolling landscaping of the park, along Shakuji River, is a perfect example of a traditional Japanese forest garden. Native plants and trees are scattered through lush green grass, creating a unique and serene atmosphere. An experience of walking on both natural and man-made paths through the garden is not one to be missed.


3. Sports Facilities: Local residents throng the park to take advantage of its many sports facilities. These include tennis courts, baseball grounds, athletic fields and swimming pools, besides playgrounds for children. There is also a large gymnasium run by Itabashi Ward.
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