Mejiro Station is a train station located in the Mejiro area of Toshima Ward of Tokyo. It is served by the JR East Yamanote Line.

Mejiro Station, which is situated between the busy Ikebukuro Station and the quiet Takadanobaba Station, is one of the smaller stations of the Yamanote Line. It consists of a single island platform and has only one exit. Its ticket gate emerges into Mejiro Dori. There are several small shops within the station including a bakery and a café. Upon exiting the station, one can see the towering Sunshine 60 Building in the distance. To the right of the station is the Gakushuin University campus, and on the left is a busy shopping street with a wide variety of shops and restaurants. A little further down is a wealthy residential area with luxury apartment buildings and designer houses.


Gakushuin University


Gakushuin University is an elite university of Tokyo with a highly qualified academic teaching staff considered to be at par with the staff of Tokyo University. The university was established in 1847 in Kyoto during the Meiji era to educate the children of the Japanese nobility. The intention was to teach manners and morals to the children of the Imperial Court along with the regular academics. In 1877, the Tokyo campus of Gakushuin, then only a school, was inaugurated by Emperor Meiji in Kanda on a land donated by the Imperial Family. The institute remained a private school purely for the nobility until 1884, when it became a government school and opened its doors to all citizens. In 1893, a higher education section was opened and by 1905 courses in politics, literature, and law were being offered. The institute was moved to its present location at Mejiro in 1908.


After the Asia-Pacific War in 1947, the Imperial Family relinquished its hold on Gakushuin and it became a private institute to which anyone who passed its entrance test could enter. During the educational reforms of 1949, Gakushuin was established as a full fledged university.


Today Gakushuin is a prestigious university with over 9000 students. It offers undergraduate courses through its fourteen departments of four faculties Faculty of Law (Departments of Law, and Political Studies); Faculty of Economics (Departments of Economics, and Management); Faculty of Letters (Departments of Philosophy, History, Japanese Language and Literature, English and American Literature, German Studies, French Studies, and Psychology); and Faculty of Science (Departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). The university also offers graduate courses through its six graduate schools Graduate Schools of Law, Political Studies, Economics, Management, Humanities (Philosophy, History, Japanese Language and Literature, English and American Literature, German Studies, French Studies, and Psychology), and Science. Students may also pursue research studies at Gakushuin through its various centers and institutes Center for Sports and Health Sciences, Computer Center, Foreign Language Center, Teaching and Research Center, Research Institute for Oriental Cultures, Research Institute for Economics and Management, Research Institute for Humanities, Research Institute for Bio-molecular Science. Other than these, there are two centers offering Teacher's Training Course and Curators' Course.


Gakushuin University is located right next to Mejiro Station.


Japan Women's University


Japan Women's University, the oldest and largest of the private women's universities in Japan, is located a short walk from Mejiro Station. Established in 1901 by the education reformist Jinzo Naruse, Japan Women's University has around 6000 students studying in its Faculties of Home Economics (with 5 departments - Child Studies; Food and Nutrition; Living Arts; Social Welfare; and Sciences For Home Economics ), Humanities (4 departments Japanese; English; Education; and History ), Integrated Arts and Social Sciences (5 departments - Studies on Contemporary Society; Social Welfare; Education; Psychology; and Humanities and Cultures ), and Science (2 departments - Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Chemical and Biological Sciences ). Master's and doctoral degrees are offered through its Graduate Schools of Home Economics ( Child Study; Food Science Major; Nutrition; Housing; and Clothing), Humanities (Japanese; English; and History), Integrated Arts and Social Sciences (Social Welfare; and Psychology), and Science (Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Chemical and Biological Sciences). In addition to these, JWU offers correspondence courses through its Faculty of Home Economics; has affiliated senior and junior high schools; an elementary school; a kindergarten; and the J.W.U. Research Institute.

Japan Women's University has two campuses one in Nishi Ikuta in Tama, Kawasaki City; and the other in Mejiro, Tokyo. The Mejiro Campus is home to the Faculties of Humanities, Home Economics, and Science; the affiliated Homei Elementary School and Homei Kindergarten; and the J.W.U. Research Institute.


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