Osaki Station is a railway station in the Osaki district of Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo. It is served by the JR East Yamanote, Saikyo, and Shonan-Shinjuku Lines, and the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line. Osaki is also one of the stations where trains on the Yamanote Line are put in and taken out of service. So it has 4 tracks, two going in each direction, so as not to interfere with the continuing trains. The Yamanote platforms are on the east side of the station and the Saikyo, Shonan-Shinjuku, and Rinkai platforms are on the west side.


Osaki is an area of Tokyo that has seen rapid development in recent years. The growth is in fact so rapid, not only in construction but technologically and business-wise as well, that most major companies are moving into Osaki. The district is now considered one of most important and advanced business districts of Tokyo.


What gives Osaki a futuristic look is its many modern “cities”, or cluster of buildings, which are a mix of both business and residential units. Among these are Osaki New City, Gate City Osaki, Art Village Osaki, and ThinkPark.


Osaki New City , which is connected to Osaki Station by a pedestrian walkway, consists of five buildings – three office buildings, a hotel, and a shopping mall. Along the walkway there is also an art museum and a patio. Across the street, connected by a bridge, is Gate City Osaki. Gate City Osaki consists of two tall buildings – one is residential; and the other has offices in the higher levels, and shops, restaurants, halls for cultural events, an atrium and parks on the lower. This lower level is collectively known as Gate City Plaza. Art Village Osaki is another “city” located just a two minute walk away. This has two tall buildings – one is the View Tower, which is the residential block; and the Central Tower, which has shops and restaurants in the lower floors, and offices on the upper ones. A minute's walk from here, connected by a pedestrian bridge to Osaki Station, is the ThinkPark. ThinkPark is the latest and most innovative complex of the area. This large complex is 40% trees and grass. In the center stands ThinkPark Tower, a 32 storey (30 above ground and 2 below) building. Residences are on the upper floors and offices on the lower ones. ThinkPark Plaza is the section of the complex which consists of shops and restaurants. ThinkPark Arena has hotels, fitness clubs, a medical center and an outdoor open space to relax in. ThinkPark Forest is the information center, with all sorts of knowledge and information facilities. A high speed wireless LAN network is also available which makes it possible for people to work outside if they want.

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Featured Hotels in the Osaki area that we represent
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Laforet Hotel Tokyo Shinagawa Prince Hotel  
Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

Five minutes from Osaki Station is Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. This modern, fully-serviced deluxe hotel offers nine restaurants and bars, shopping boutiques, 11 banquet halls, a rooftop swimming pool, a garden, and an executive floor among its many facilities.

Laforet Hotel Tokyo

Laforet Hotel Tokyo, known for its urban sophistication and elegance offering serene tranquility and attentive service, is located in the heart of Shinagawa a few minutes from Osaki Station. Laforet offers spacious guest rooms, conference rooms, banquet halls, restaurants, and a fitness salon.

Shinaqawa Prince Hotel

Shinagawa Prince Hotel offers luxurious rooms, 12 restaurants, a shopping arcade, and a business center among its many facilities. The complex, which consists of four buildings, also has a multiplex cinema, a bowling center, indoor tennis courts and an indoor golf course. The hotel is 4 minutes from Osaki Station.

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