Akabanebashi Station lies on the Toei Oedo subway line in the Minato Ward of Tokyo. Even though Oedo is the only subway line stopping here, Akabanebashi is a busy station as it is the closest station to one of Tokyo's most popular landmarks, the Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower:

Tokyo Tower is only a 5-minute walk away from Akabanebashi Station. Built in 1958, this 333-meter high tower is 13 meters higher than its model, the Eiffel Tower, but 43% lighter in weight. Tokyo Tower is the world's tallest self-supporting steel tower in the world and serves as both a TV and FM radio broadcasting tower as well as a tourist attraction, attracting over 3 million visitors a year.

The Main Observatory is located at 150 meters of the Tokyo Tower. From here you get an unblocked bird's eye view of the city, with signposts telling you about its main features. There are also coin-operated binoculars and touch-screen displays. The Main Observatory also has a lower floor with an added attraction of glassed-over holes in the floor 150 meters to the ground below. There is also a café, a souvenir shop, and a small Shinto shrine on this lower floor. Another 100 meters up from the Main Observatory is the Special Observatory. At 250 meters, you can get a better view of the city, and of Mount Fuji if weather conditions are good.

On the third floor of the Tower are the Wax Museum , the Guinness World Records Museum and the Holographic Mystery Zone . All the three are worth a visit. Of special mention is the part of the Wax Museum called the ‘Inventions for the Electric Guitar' . This shrine to rock and roll has iconic collections of rock posters, books, cassettes, and all other kinds of rock memorabilia besides the wax figures of all prominent rock and rollers.

The second floor of the Tokyo Tower is the restaurant and food court with innumerable eating joints. The first floor houses the Aquarium , which features a wide variety of fish from all over the world.

The Tokyo Tower has often been used in cinema as a cliché, the most prominent being in the movie King Kong Escapes . This popular movie has made Tokyo Tower a household name the world over. According to the story, an evil genius creates a robotic Kong to dig Element X, a highly radioactive element. When it fails to do so, they kidnap the real King Kong and hypnotize him to dig the element. King Kong soon snaps out of the hypnosis and escapes to Tokyo. To get him back, the evil genius re-activates the mechanical Kong, and a raging battle ensues between the two Kongs atop the Tokyo Tower.

Featured Hotels in the Akanebashi area that we represent
Tokyo Prince Ghotel Park Tower Tokyo Prince Hotel    
Tokyo Prince Hotel  (E-21)

Located a short distance from Tokyo Tower, is Tokyo Prince Hotel. Being in the midst of gardens, this 484 spacious room hotel offers tranquility in a centralized location. Amenities include four large ballrooms, many smaller meeting rooms, and more than 10 restaurants and bars offering a variety of cuisines and drinks.

Park Tower Tokyo Prince Hotel  (E-21)

Just 2-minute walk from Akabanebashi Station, is the newly opened 33 story luxurious Tokyo Prince Hotel Park Tower. Centrally located in Shiba Park close to the Tokyo Tower, this 673- room hotel provides guests with all the luxury and splendor they desire.

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