Akebonobashi Station is located in Ichigaya in the eastern portion of Shinjuku ward, a major commercial and administrative centre of Tokyo. The station lies on the Toei Shinjuku Line, a subway line in Tokyo, operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation. The Toei Shijuku is the only subway line that stops at Akebonobashi Station.

Places of Interest:

1. Banknote and Postage Stamp Museum

Ten minutes walk from Akebonobashi Station is the Banknote and Postage Stamp Museum. The museum has two floors. On the first floor are exhibits of banknote and postage stamp production process materials and displays of how banknotes and postage stamps are made. The second floor shows the history of Japanese banknotes and postage stamps, anti-counterfeiting technologies of the world's banknotes, curios banknotes and postage stamps of the world, history of national bonds and passports, works of Chiossone during his service with the Meiji Government, and historical materials of the Printing Bureau.

2. Chuo University
(Ichigaya Campus)


Chuo University, literally meaning Central University, is a private university renowned for its law school. It was founded in 1885 as English Law School by a group of lawyers. In 1903 it was renamed Tokyo University of Law, and in 1905 it became Chuo University after the department of economics was added. The University has since expanded with three campuses (at Hachioji, Korakuen, and Ichigaya), six faculties (Law, Economics, Commerce, Science and Engineering, Letters, and Policy Studies), and 26 departments.


The Ichigaya Campus of Chuo University , located a 3-minute walk from A3 Exit of Akebonobashi Station, houses the prestigious and renowned Chuo Law School and the Graduate School of International Accounting. Besides several small, medium, and large classrooms, the two buildings on the sprawling campus also consist of administrative offices, offices for individual professors, teachers' rooms, libraries, research rooms, computer rooms, student lounges, a Health Center, a cafeteria, and a shop.
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