Azabu-Juban Station is located in the Azabu-Juban district of Minato Ward. It is served by the subway lines Namboku of Tokyo Metro and Toei Oedo of Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation.

Azabu-Juban (also spelled "Azabujyuban") is an upscale residential district where many prominent celebrities and business people live. It is also home to several foreign embassies and a large number of expats.

Azabu-Juban is a neighborhood that still holds a traditional Japanese downtown atmosphere. A number of small shops selling traditional Japanese textiles and sweets line the narrow streets, while the side lanes sell herbal medicines, soba, and tatami mats. What makes Azabu-Juban even more interesting is the fact that modern shops, French bakeries, and restaurants thrive side by side with the traditional Japanese shops. A reason for Azabu-Juban being able to hold on to some Edo traditions is that it has been secluded for a long time. It wasn't until the year 2000 when Azabu-Juban Station was opened that the area became much more accessible.

Places of Interest:

Zenpuku-ji Temple

Zenpuku-ji Temple , also known as Azabu-san , is a Jodo Shinshu temple located a few minutes walk from Azabu-Juban Station. Founded in the year 824 by the famous monk Kukai, it was originally a Shingon temple. It was brought into the Jodo Shinshu sect by Shinran, the founder of devotional Buddhism, in 1232 during the Kamakura period. A famous feature of the temple is its 700-year old Ginko tree. Legend has it that Shinran had planted his walking stick in the courtyard of the temple which grew into this tree. Zenpuku-ji Temple also has its place in world history, as it was here that the first Tokyo legation of the United States, under Townsend Harris, was established under the 1859 Treaty of Amity and Commerce. The founder of Keio University, Fukuzawa Yukichi, is also buried here. The staff of Keio University visits the temple on the anniversary of his death on February 3 each year.

Azabu-Juban Hot Spring

Japan is known for its natural hot springs ( onsens ), and Tokyo has some of its own. The best known in Tokyo is the Azabu-Juban Hot Spring , or Onsen . This natural hot spring, which spouts from 500 meters underground, can be found in a building in the shopping district of Azabu-Juban. On the first floor of the building is the public bath, which relatively cheap and only a nominal fee is charged. The upper floor is the more expensive private bath with saunas and relaxing rooms. People travel from across the country to Azabu-Juban Onsen as it is believed that the brownish water of the spring cures rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and other ailments.

Temple University Japan

Temple University is one of the better universities of the USA, and the Temple University Japan is its branch campus in Tokyo. Located in two buildings in Azabu-Juban, TUJ is the first recognized foreign university campus in Japan. It offers B.A., M.S.Ed., Ed.D., MBA and LL.M programs, as well as semester and year-long study abroad programs for U.S. undergraduates and law students. Its credits and degrees are recognized as being equivalent to those of Japanese universities. The university presently has around 2,830 students, about one-half of whom are Japanese and the others being from the U.S. and about 40 other countries.

Azabu-Juban Matsuri (Festival):

One of the most famous festivals of Tokyo, the Azabu-Juban Matsuri , is hosted by Azabu-Juban every summer for 3 days in the 3 rd weekend of August. This popular summer street festival attracts over 10,000 people every year. It features stalls selling traditional Japanese food and crafts, an international bazaar providing food from around the world, brass band parades, dances, and various other entertainment and music programs.

Featured Hotels in the Azabu-Juban area that we represent
Oakwood Residence Azabu-Juban  (N-04, E-22)

Oakwood Residence Azabu-Juban is located in the center of Azabu-Juban, a charming district where the old and new come together. Shopping and dining optionsg options, and two 24-hour supermarkets are just steps away.

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