Ebisu Station is a railway station located in the relatively quiet neighborhood of Ebisu in Shibuya Ward. It is served by Hibiya Line of Tokyo Metro, and the Yamanote and Saikyo Lines of Japan Railways (JR).

On the west side of Ebisu Station is the older section of Ebisu. As one leaves the station from the west exit, one comes across a mix of several small restaurants and bars. Called Ebisu Market, these traditional local eating and drinking shops sprung up to cater to the many commuters of Ebisu Station, which is a transit point for riders of Yamanote, Saikyo, and Hibiya Lines. The other side of the station, the east exit, leads to the more modern and newly developed area, the Ebisu Garden Place . This "city within the city" was constructed in 1994 and since then the area has been rapidly developing. Most tourist attractions are located in this area.

Ebisu Garden Place is accessed from the East Exit of Ebisu Station through Yebisu Skywalk (Yebisu is another way of writing Ebisu, though their pronunciation is the same). Yebisu Skywalk is a covered moving walkway which connects Ebisu Station with Ebisu Garden Place.

Ebisu Garden Place:

Ebisu Garden Place opened to the public in 1994. Built on the former site of a beer brewery, this "city within the city" is one of the most pleasant places in Tokyo. Ebisu Garden Place consists of about a dozen high-rise buildings, offices and residential spaces, a large array of shops and restaurants, a department store, the Westin Tokyo Hotel, cinemas, and two museums. There is a scenic square in between the buildings with trees and fountains on both sides which gives a park-like feel. The main building and the landmark of the area is Ebisu Garden Place Tower . This 40-story high building with five basement levels, houses a bank, a post office, cafeteria, shops, and medical and dental clinics. The 38th and 39th floors house restaurants with breathtaking views of the city.

Sapporo Breweries

Sapporo Breweries Limited has its headquarters in Ebisu Garden Place. With its origins in Sapporo Hokkaido during the Meiji period, the company makes German-like barley beer. Sapporo Breweries brews the popular Asahi beer and the up-market Yebisu label.

Yebisu Beer Museum

Built on the site of the original beer brewery, Yebisu Beer Museum traces the history of beer in Japan and explains the techniques of beer production. The main hall of the museum exhibits ancient brewing equipment, historical photos, and beer labels from the 1880s onward. There is gallery displaying advertisement posters created over the years, while TV monitors run old Sapporo beer commercials. Another hall exhibits the brewing process. Towards the end of the museum, there is a theater that shows a 3D fairytale beer story for children and a Beer Tasting Lounge for adults.

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

A short walk from Ebisu Station is the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Opened in 1990, this is the first museum in Japan to be dedicated wholly to photography and optical imagery. The third floor of the museum displays a permanent collection of photographs. The theme of the work displayed changes from time to time. On the second floor is the Special Exhibition Gallery, which is the venue for traveling exhibitions, and the first floor houses a library with an information retrieval system. There are holography and film editing suites which are available for hire. The Images and Technology Gallery, which is devoted to animation and cinematography, is in the basement. This museum of photography is well worth a visit and a must for photography enthusiasts.

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