Gotanda Station is located in Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo. It is served by the JR Yamanote, Toei Asakusa, and Tokyu Ikegami Lines. Gotanda Station is also the terminal station for Tokyu Ikegami Line.

The neighborhood of Gotanda is situated on the Meguro River in the southern Ward of Shinagawa. It is one of the few places in Tokyo that has been able to retain much of the traditional character. The shops of the area sell only traditional Japanese wares and all signs are only in Japanese. The main reason for this unique character is that Gotanda lacks big attractions and so few tourists visit the place. Despite all this, Gotanda remains a busy station, mainly because Sakurada Dori, one of Tokyo’s major avenues which carries traffic from and to inner Tokyo business areas and the city’s outlying areas, passes through the neighborhood.

The area around the station is served by the department stores Tokyu and Tokyo Outlet Center and several restaurants selling Korean barbeque, the main thing that Gotanda is famous for.

Gotanda is divided into two sections by the JR loop – Higashi (East) Gotanda and Nishi (West) Gotanda. Nishi Gotanda is mainly a residential area with moderately sized apartment buildings. Higashi Gotanda, on the other hand, has some high rise office buildings, several small shrines and temples, and some hotels, besides the NTT East Kanto Hospital and Seisen University.

The Tokyo Design Center

One of the high rise buildings located close to Gotanda Station on the Higashi side is the Tokyo Design Center. This unique massive building, which is a landmark of Tokyo’s skyline, stands out from among all the other buildings of the area. The Tokyo Design Center is the office building of the company of the same name which deals in all aspects of design, including building management, publicity, reception and project planning. The different departments of the Center are spread over seven floors. The other facilities of the building include a reception area, a restaurant, a tearoom, a bookshop and a workroom, besides showrooms and shops.

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art is situated about ten minutes walk from Gotanda Station. The museum, located in an old modernist mansion that once belonged to the current director's grandfather, is Japan's oldest museum devoted to contemporary international and Japanese art. Permanent collections include Rothko, Pollock, Dubuffet, Appel, Nobuo Sekine and Tomio Miki. Various temporary and rotating exhibitions of contemporary pieces are also held throughout the year, many from emerging international artists. Sculpture is on view in the garden. Facilities at the museum include holographic art, video presentations and a coffee shop with outdoor seating.

Seisen University

Seisen University is a liberal arts university especially geared towards women. Located in Higashi Gotanda, Seisen University was founded in 1935 as Seisen-ryo Gakuen by the religious congregation of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the purpose of providing higher education for high school graduate girls. In 1950, it officially became a women's college with university status consisting of two departments: English Literature and Japanese Literature. Since then, various other departments and programs have continuously been added, and today Seisen University offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in practically all fields of liberal arts. The university’s main aim is to develop in women genuine wisdom, love and strength to meet the needs of the age, nurture them to become responsible, independent and public-spirited members of society. Seisen University campus is renowned for its beautiful azalea garden and the original building, a former residence of Lord Shimazu.


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