Hikarigaoka Station is the terminus of the Toei Oedo Line in the Hikarigaoka district of Nerima Ward in the north-west of Tokyo. This underground station has two tracks on an island platform, which is just 11.9 m below ground level, the closest to the surface of all Oedo stations.


Located a few minutes' walk from Hikarigaoka Station is the Hikarigaoka Housing Complex , a public housing complex of 11,000 units. The site was previously a housing complex for U.S. military personnel called Grant Heights . After the U.S. army vacated the area in 1973, it was rebuilt and converted into a public housing complex. Today, with 186 ha of land, it is one of the largest public housing complexes of Tokyo with over 12,000 families living here. More than half the area is parks and garden. A school, a library, a post office, and a shopping area are also located in the complex.


Right next to the Hikarigaoka Housing Complex is a small and quiet museum, the Hikarigaoka Museum of Art . Exhibits here include Japanese pottery and block prints, besides art works by both new and old artists. Among the best pieces at the museum are a 76 m long block print called The Tale of the Heikeh by Kazuo Inouef and pottery by the famous Koichi Tamura.


Hikarigaoka Park , one of the larger parks of Tokyo is located 5 minutes from Hikarigaoka Station. The park was previously a U.S. military base and an airfield. After the base was vacated in 1973 along with Grant Heights, it was converted into a park. Hikarigaoka Park has extensive open grassy areas, a large public pool, a water-play area for children, a gym, baseball grounds, tennis courts, a camping area, running and bike riding tracks, and above all a Bird Sanctuary. The Bird Sanctuary has a pond with many different species of birds and ducks. There is a bird watching area in the Sanctuary from where birds can be watched through binoculars. The Park also has several food stalls and drink vending machines for its visitors. The place is particularly full during the cherry blossom viewing days and when flea markets are held. Hikarigaoka Park is free and is open every week day, but the Bird Sanctuary can be accessed only on weekends.


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