Hiroo , or Hiro-o , Station lies on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and serves the residential district of Hiroo. The station has two platforms Platform 1 for passengers traveling toward Naka Meguro Station, and Platform 2 for those going toward Kitasenju Station.

Hiroo is a popular residential area situated in both the Shibuya and Minato Wards of Tokyo. It is known for its clean and cozy environment with tree-lined streets and western-style apartment blocks. Hiroo is also home to a large section of the expat community. The area around Hiroo Station is mainly a shopping area with a large supermarket and several shops. The smaller streets around the station also have a nice selection boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and bars. Two hospitals - The Hiroo and Red Cross Hospitals and a couple of international schools are also located nearby. A beautiful park, popular among the residents of Hiroo, is also close by.

Arisugawa Memorial Park

Arisugawa Memorial Park is a small but gracefully landscaped park located just 3 minutes walk from Hiroo Station. Named after Prince Taruhito Shinno Arisugawa, son of Prince Arisugawa Takahito and adopted by Emperor Ninko, the park occupies the site of the Arisugawa Palace. There is a bronze statue of the Prince on horseback at the main entrance of the park. The west side of the park is a ravine surrounded by a thick forest. There is gentle slope to the topography from the northern side to the south, where there is a pond. A waterfall and several play areas for children are the other features of Arisugawa Memorial Park, which is very popular among the people of the area.

The central branch of the Tokyo Metropolitan Library also shares the grounds.

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library

The Tokyo Metropolitan Library is the primary public library of Tokyo. It has three branches, with this Central branch being the main one, and two others in Hibiya and Tama. Founded in 1973 at the present location, the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library is a free and public library, although not all the collections are available to all the people all the time. The reason is that besides being open to the public for study and research, the library also lends books to other libraries of the city to meet their needs. A special feature of this library is that it is divided into four departments the General Reference Room on the first floor, the Social Science Room on the second, the Humanities Room on the third, and the Natural Science Room on the fourth. The fifth floor has the Tokyo Room, where you can find publication on Tokyo and those by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other local governments in Tokyo. In all, the Central Branch holds 240,000 volumes, including a large collection of rare materials, including over 40,000 documents pertaining to the history of Tokyo, some dating back to over 400 years. Other facilities include an Audio-Visual Room and special services for the handicapped.


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