Iidabashi Station is a major interchange station located in the northwest of Iidabashi district of Chiyoda Ward. The station spans three wards – Chiyoda, Shinjuku, and Bunkyo – and serves JR Chuo-Sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai, Yurakucho, and Nanboku Lines, and Toei Oedo Line.


The JR station is located above ground on the inside of the Outer Moat of the Imperial Palace, and is elevated over Mejiro-dori, a major thoroughfare from the Imperial Palace towards Ikebukuro. It has only one platform serving both the up and down local lines . The Tozai, Yurakucho, Nanboku, and Oedo Subway Line stations are situated underground.


Iidabashi is a district of Chiyoda Ward located in central Tokyo just southeast of Iidabashi Station.


Tokyo University of Science


The Tokyo University of Science is a prestigious science institute located just a few minutes on foot from Iidabashi Station. It was founded in 1881 by 21 graduates of the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo (then the Imperial University) as The Tokyo Academy of Physics. These 25-year old graduates offered classes at night in rented rooms taking no fees from their students. Their aim was to serve the people through science for the development of the nation.


In 1883, it was renamed Tokyo College of Science. Although the college was growing and taking the shape of a university, it was beset with financial problems. Due to this fact, they started taking donations from students and people to be able to run the college. In 1906, the first college building was built and in 1917, it became a professional and recognized college. In 1949, the college was renamed the Tokyo University of Science. Now the University was fast growing and by 1989, three faculties and two research institutes had been added. The faculties are: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Science and Technology; and the research institutes are Research Institute for Science and Technology, and Research Institute for Biological Sciences. The School of Management was added in 1993, and the Graduate School of Management of Science and Technology was established in 2004. Today Tokyo University of Science also has campuses in Chiba Prefecture, Yamaguchi, Suwa, and Saitama Prefecture.


The Iidabashi Campus is known for its quiet and serene environment. Its proximity to Iidabashi Station has also made it easily accessible.


Also located close to Iidabashi Station are a beautiful garden and a park.


Koishikawa Korakuen


Koishikawa Korakuen is one of the oldest and most beautiful Japanese landscaped gardens in Tokyo. It dates back to 1629 when Daimyo Yorifusa Mito, a relative of the Tokugawa Shogun, started its construction. It was completed by his successor Mitsukuni Mito, who adopted a Chinese philosopher's belief of “a governor should worry before people and enjoy after people", hence named the garden Koraku-en (‘Koraku' means “enjoying afterwards” in Chinese). Mitsukuni gave the garden a strong Chinese flavor by including traditional Chinese landscaping, besides the Japanese ones. This gave Koishikawa Korakuen a beautiful mix of Chinese and Japanese landscapes with a pond, a man-made hill, stones, and a variety of plants.


The beauty of Koishikawa Korakuen can be enjoyed throughout the year, but it is particularly attractive in the end November when the trees turn colors, in late February during the plum festival when plum blossoms are in bloom, and in May when the cherry trees are in full bloom. Entry to the garden costs 300 Yen. The garden is located just 3 minutes on foot from Iidabashi Station.


Based on the Cultural Properties Protection Law of Japan, Koishikawa Korakuen was appointed as the Special Place of Scenic Beauty and the Special Historic Site.


Sotobori Park


Sotobori Park is located along the Outer Moat of the Imperial Palace (‘Sotobori' means Outer Moat), just opposite to Iidabashi Station. The park stretches from Iidabashi Station to Yotsuya Station, with a promenade of about 270 cherry blossom trees making it a beautiful walk with a great view, especially during the cherry blossom month of May. Boat rides in the moat can also be enjoyed by the visitors.

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