Itabashi-kuyakushomae Station is a metro station on the Toei Mita Line in the Itabashi Ward of Tokyo. It is located under the Itabashi Ward Office.


Itabashi Kumin Matsuri


Itabashi Kumin Matsuri, or the Itabashi Festival, one of the biggest festivals of Tokyo, is held just 5 minutes from Itabashi-kuyakushomae Station. This festival, which is held every year on the third Saturday and Sunday of October, is a reflection of the love the citizens have for their hometown Itabashi. All the people of the area take part in the festivities with full vigor. These festivities include parades of Awaodori dancers, musical marching bands, and carrying of the Otona Mikoshi. A flea market is also set up besides hundreds of stalls and booths selling local products and Japanese foods and drinks. The Itabashi Festival is so popular that it attracts not only local residents, but people from all over Tokyo.


Higashi Itabashi Park


Higashi Itabashi Park, located a 7 minute walk from Itabashi-kuyakushomae Station, is another popular place of the area. The Park is particularly famous for its Children's Zoo and the Fresh-Water Aquarium . Entrance to both the places is free.


The Children's Zoo has many animals like ponies, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and the likes. Children are allowed to touch and stroke the animals. There is a hamster corner where children can hold and play with the hamsters. Free pony rides are also available for small children. The Fresh-Water Aquarium is nearby. It is a small aquarium with a good collection of Japanese fresh and river water fish and reptiles on display.


Higashi Itabashi Park also has 3 children's outdoor pools, a baseball field, and swings and slides for children to play.


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