Jimbocho Station is located in the Jimbocho area of Kanda district in Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo. It serves the Toei Mita Line, Toei Shinjuku Line, and Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, and is a convenient transfer point between them. As it is located within easy reach of several major universities, Jimbocho Station is the second busiest station in the Toei Subway network after Shinjuku Station.



Jimbocho is known as Tokyo's Bookshop District . As the area is a lively student and academic district with many universities and schools located here, it has become Japan's largest center of books. There are well over a hundred book shops around Jimbocho Station, especially on the intersection of Yasukuni-dori and Hakusan-dori. Here you can find all kinds of books newly published, used, old, and rare editions - besides publishers, bookbinders, and literary agents. Some shops sell all kinds of books, while others specialize in one kind like one may focus on old woodblock prints, others on ancient comic books, still others on just one topic or subject, and so on.

Most of the books sold are in Japanese, with very few in the English language. The only English bookstore worth the name is Kitazawa , with an unusually broad selection of books. Two small shops with foreign books are Matsumura , which sells second-hand art books, and a Tuttle outlet.

Most of the shops, both on the main streets as well as the side streets, are small independent shops, but there are also a few large multi-storied ones. The main big shop is Sanseido , which is spread over several floors. The fifth floor has foreign language books.

The Jimbocho Bookshop District is definitely worth a visit, especially for book lovers. You can spend hours here browsing through a wide variety of books, even if you do not understand the Japanese language.

Senshu University 

Senshu University is located just 3 minutes' walk from exit A2 of Jimbocho Subway Station. It was founded by Nagatane Soma, Inajiro Tajiri, Tanetaro Megata, and Shigetada Komai. These four persons were sent to the United States by the Japanese government to receive training in Western academic disciplines in the early Meiji era (late 1800's). Upon returning, they founded the university with the desire to share the knowledge they had acquired abroad.

Senshu University has two campuses - the Kanda Campus and the Ikuta Campus. The Kanda Campus, which is located very close to Jimbocho Station, has the Graduate Schools Law, Economics, and Commerce; and the Undergraduate School of Law. All the other undergraduate and graduate schools, as well as the research institutes are located at the Ikuta Campus.

Kyoritsu Women's University

Located about 2 minutes' walk from Jimbocho Station, Kyoritsu Women's University is a private university exclusively for women. It was founded in 1886 to provide education to women and prepare them to face an international world while still holding on to their own culture and traditions. To achieve this goal Kyoritsu actively promotes international exchanges around the world.

Kyoritsu Women's University offers undergraduate programs in Crafts and Design, Food Science and Nutrition, Home Science, International Studies, Literature and Linguistics, and Visual and Performing Arts; and graduate programs in Food Science and Nutrition, Home Science, International Studies, Literature and Linguistics (both Japanese and English), and Visual and Performing Arts. Besides these, there is an Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies of Science and Culture, as well as some special programs for international students.


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