Kagurazaka Station is located in the neighborhood of Kagurazaka in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo, serving the Tokyo Metro Tozai Subway Line.

Kagurazaka is a quiet neighborhood in the North-Eastern part of Shinjuku. It consists of the sloping 400-meter long Kagurazaka Street and the area surrounding it. Kagurazaka is one of the few places of Tokyo that still hold much of the old “shitamachi” touch. During the Edo period the neighborhood was renowned for its numerous geisha houses, of which a few still remain in the cobblestone alleyways. It is in these quaint alleyways that the real Kagurazaka still exists. If one walks through these sloping narrow backstreets lined with black fences, one can still enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of old Tokyo. There are a variety of shops selling traditional goods and services like split-toed socks for kimono, geisha wigs, and kimono, besides foods like handmade rice crackers, tofu, seaweeds and tsukudani seasoned meats. The main street is lined on both sides with restaurants, cafes and small shops that are popular among the young of the universities nearby.

Even as Kagurazaka continues to preserve much of its traditional atmosphere, it now has a significant French presence. Many French expatriates live here and there is a large concentration of French eateries. The International French School is also located in the area.

Kagurazaka is mainly known for its Buddhist Temple, the Shinto Shrine, and the Kagurazaka Festival.

Akagi Jinja Shrine

Akagi Jinja Shrine is located at the top end of Kagurazaka. To reach the main shrine building, one has to pass through several red Torii gates. Akagi Jinja is a popular shrine and people are often seen buying paper fortunes to tie them onto tree branches for the wishes to come true. At night lanterns are lit which give the shrine a mystical look with their bright red glow.

Zenkoku-ji Temple

Zenkoku-ji Temple, a temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, is situated not far from Akagi Jinja Shrine. It is better known as Bishamonten Temple because of the image of Bishamonten (one of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune) that was enshrined here when the temple was built in 1595. Bishamonten Temple has a steep roof and a pair of stone-carved guardian tigers in its courtyard. Among the many events held at the temple is the very popular Kagurazaka Festival.

Kagurazaka Festival

Kagurazaka Festival is held annually in the summer. During the festival, which lasts several days, the whole area, especially the main street of Kagurazaka, holds a festive look and the ambience of the “shitamachi” days comes alive. The street is lined on both sides with vendors of traditional wares and foods. A hozuki-ichi (Chinese lantern fair) is held at and around Bishamonten Zenkokuji Temple when lanterns are put up all over the place. The area looks beautiful at night when the lanterns are lit up. In a tradition called Houroku Kyu, people put an unglazed plate on their heads in order to cool off the summer heat in the hope of being healthy.

The highlight of the festival is the Awa Odori (Dance) parade, which Kagurazaka is famous for and was the first area in Tokyo to have introduced it to its local events. In this event, groups of young and old amateur dancers dance and sing their way up the sloping Kagurazaka Street. The dancing is to the feverish accompaniment of shamisen, flute, drum and bell. Men and women follow separate dance steps and wear different regional and traditional costumes. The lyrics to the Awa Dance song include the phrase "the dancing fool and the watching fool are both fools, so let's dance!" which prompts the thousands of spectators to join in the spirited dance. Each unit of dancers (or ren) has a lantern carrier at the head of the line with the name of the unit written on the lantern. This frenzied Awa Odori is a sight not to be missed.

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