Kanda Station is located in the Kanda district of Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo. It serves the JR Chuo, Keihin-Tohoku, and Yamanote Lines; and the Tokyo Metro Ginza subway line.

Kanda Station has both elevated and underground tracks. The elevated section has 6 tracks that serve the JR Lines, and the underground section has 2 tracks that serve the Tokyo Metro subway line.


During the Edo period, Kanda had developed into an uptown area where nobles and rich businessmen lived. Later, as during the Great Kanto Earthquake and World War II, Kanto suffered losses and redeveloped, it lost much of its character. High rise office buildings replaced the residential areas.

Kanto was once one of 35 wards of Tokyo. When in 1947, Tokyo was reorganized into 23 wards, Kanto became a district within Chiyoda Ward. The district of Kanto today consists of thirty neighborhoods, each with a character of its own. Yasukuni Dori runs across the whole of Kanto, running through the different neighborhoods, including Ochanomizu, Jimbocho, and Akihabara. All the way through, one comes across many popular attractions, each worth spending time in.

Kanda is also an educational area with several universities and institutes located here. The university that lies closest to Kanda Station is Tokyo Denki University.

Tokyo Denki University

Tokyo Denki University was established in 1907 in Kanda as Tokyo Denki School. With the establishment of the School of Engineering in the Kanda Campus in 1949, it became a full-fledged university. Today, Tokyo Denki University has four campuses including the Kanda one. The Kanda Campus has the University Administration, the School of Engineering, the Graduate School of Engineering, and the Evening School of Engineering; the Hatoyama Campus in Saitama Prefecture houses the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and the School of Science and Engineering; the Chiba New Town Campus has the Graduate School of lnformation Environment and the School of lnformation Environment; and the Koganei Campus houses the Junior and Senior High Schools. In all, Tokyo Denki University has four graduate schools with 26 majors, four undergraduate schools with 21 departments, and four research institutes besides a junior school and a senior high school.

Tokyo Denki University continues to be recognized as a reputed seat of higher learning with the mission to “Build upon the knowledge of the past to generate new knowledge to make our contribution to society, through education and research; foster the development of scientists and engineers who possess outstanding character, and who are good citizens, trusted by society, and active in their fields around the world; and provide students with the best possible academic environment for them to conduct their studies and research”.

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