Kinshicho Station is a train station in the Kinshi district of Sumida Ward in eastern Tokyo. It is served by the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and the JR East Sobu (Rapid) and Chuo-Sobu Lines.


Kinshicho is a busy industrial and cultural area of Sumida. Being part of the original shitamachi (downtown) of Tokyo, the area has many love hotels and hostess bars, as well as several large business centers. Recently Kinshicho has seen some major developments in the area in an attempt from the government to make it an important international business center. Significant among these is Olinas, a commercial complex situated right in front of Kinshicho Station.




Olinas, an acronym for ‘Organization of Lifestyle, New Business, Amenity, and Shopping', is a large scale multi-use complex, one of the seven metropolitan sub-centers of Tokyo. The complex, which was opened in April, 2006, comprises a multi-story residential tower, a high-rise office tower, and two shopping malls.


The residential block, named Brilla Tower Tokyo, has a beautiful glass façade and airy interiors. Olinas Tower, the office building, is 32 stories high, each story comprising of 1,800 m? of office space. A unique feature of this building is its entrance hall, which is built in three levels. The two shopping complexes are Olinas Mall and Olinas Core. Both the Core and Mall buildings face each other and are of 4 levels each. The corridor between the two is a good resting place with mosaic benches and fountains. The stores at the two centers include retailers specializing in apparel, home living and foods. There is also a cinema complex, amusement parlors, and over a dozen restaurants.


Kinshi Park

Kinshi Park is located just 1 minute from Kinshicho Station. The park was originally a garden surrounding the mansion of feudal lord Zenjiro Yesuda. In 1976, the garden was restored to its original looks of the Edo era and opened to the public as Kinshi Park. The park is beautiful with plenty of cherry trees and a pond in the middle. A gymnasium with badminton and table tennis courts, and a swimming pool are also located within the park.


Kinshi Park is also known for its Sumida Festival , held on the park grounds on the first weekend of every October. Many events – a bazaar, exhibits, music performances, and a Miss Sumida contest - are held during the festival, with a different theme each year.


Kawachi Ondo Bon Dance Festival


The Kawachi Ondo Bon Dance Festival is a festival held every year the last two days of August on the grounds behind Kinshicho Station. This very popular festival, which attracts over 10,000 people every year, is celebrated to welcome ancestral spirits who are said to return to visit their families onthis day – called ‘Bon'. The day is usually celebrated with lots of dancing to Kawachi Ondo, a tune developed especially for the occasion. Sometimes dancers are invited from Osaka (the festival having been originated there) to lead the festivities.


Dry Woodwork Museum


The Dry Woodwork Museum is one of the many small specialist museums of Sumida ward. Exhibits include dry wood toys and handicrafts, as well as tools used to make them. The museum is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Reservation is required.


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