Kyobashi Station is a train station in the Kyobashi district of Chuo Ward of Tokyo serving the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. 

The district of Kyobashi is located in Chuo Ward between Ginza and Nihombashi. It is a prestigious business center for top corporations based in Tokyo with little shopping except for the main branch of Meidi-ya , which is a shop exclusively for imported Western food products.

Kyobashi is also home to two popular attractions:

National Film Center, the National Museum of Modern Art

Located just 1 minute walk from Kyobashi Station, the National Film Center of the National Museum of Modern Art is a prestigious national institution dedicated to the preservation and research of cinema. Its main objective is to gather, preserve, and restore Japanese and foreign films and non-film materials. It also holds film screenings under diverse themes, displays cinema-related non-film materials in its Gallery, and offers a public library of books and periodicals on cinema.

The National Film Center was established in 1952 as the Film Library Section of the National Museum of Modern Art. Till 1969 it was located in this same place along with the Museum, after which the National Museum of Modern Art was moved to Kitanomaru Koen and only the Film Center remained here. Over the years as more facilities were added, more space was also needed. For this purpose the facilities at Kyobashi were entirely rebuilt and reopened in May 1995. 

On the first floor of the building are Information and a Restaurant. On the second and third floor levels is Cinema 1. This hall, which can seat 310 people, is equipped with a variety of projectors used in accordance with the format and age of the film shown. The 4 th floor houses the Library, and the 5 th has offices and Film Inspection Room. On the 6 th floor are the Conference Room and the Preview Room. The 7 th floor has the Gallery where cinema-related materials are on permanent display. Cinema 2 is located in the Basement. This second Cinema can seat 151 people and is also equipped with state-of-the-art projectors.

Bridgestone Museum of Art

Bridgestone Museum of Art is located 5 minutes from Meidi-ya Exit of Kyobashi Station. Situated in the Bridgestone Tire Company's main office, it displays works of Impressionism and other modern European art, as well as Japanese Western-style paintings from the Meiji and following eras.

Bridgestone Museum of Art was established in 1952 by Ishibashi Shojiro, founder of the Bridgestone Corporation, in the Bridgestone Building to display his private collection of art. In 1956, the Ishibashi Foundation was established, and in 1961, almost all the works in the Ishibashi collection were donated to the Foundation. Ever since, the museum continues to add to the collection and today there are over 1,600 works of art displayed in five rooms. The permanent exhibited works of art include Monet, Manet, Degas, Sisley, Cezanne, Pissarro, Renoir, Corot, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani, and Rousseau, besides Japanese artists like Asai Chu, Kuroda, Seiki, Aoki Shigeru, Kuniyoshi Wasuo, and Saeki Yuzo. The Bridgestone Museum of Art also holds lectures on art every Saturday, besides games and quizzes for families.


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