Mitsukoshimae Station lies on the Tokyo Metro Ginza and Hanzomon Lines in the Nihombashi district of Chuo Ward of Tokyo. The station takes its name from Mitsukoshi Department Store which is located adjacent to the station.

Mitsukoshi Department Store

Mitsukoshi is Tokyo's oldest and most famous department store. Founded in 1673 as a kimono outlet, it gradually grew to include gifts and other daily necessities. By the 1960’s it had grown into the most prestigious department store in Asia that stocked almost everything. This "Harrods of Tokyo" is the root of the Mitsui group.

Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan is a major attraction in the vicinity of Mitsukoshimae Station. Located just 1 minute on foot from the Station, it is the central bank of Japan established under the Bank of Japan Act in June 1882. In 1942, it was reorganized under the Law of 1942 which stated the objectives of the Bank as "the regulation of the currency, control and facilitation of credit and finance, and the maintenance and fostering of the credit system, pursuant to national policy, in order that the general economic activities of the nation might adequately be enhanced". In 1997, the Law was revised to also include the principles of "independence" and "transparency".

The Bank of Japan is located in three buildings - the Old Building, the New Building and the Annex Building. The Old Building, built in 1896, is one of the best examples of western-style architecture of the Meiji era (1868-1912). It is built in the "Neo-Baroque" architectural style that combines the Baroque and Renaissance styles. The Old Building has been designated an important cultural property by the government. The 10-story New Building was built in 1973 and the Annex Building in 1982. The Annex Building houses the Currency Museum of the Bank of Japan.

Currency Museum of the Bank of Japan

The Currency Museum of the Bank of Japan was founded in 1982 in commemoration of the Bank’s centenary. This museum, which belongs to the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies of the Bank, introduces the history of money in Japan from ancient times to the birth of the yen. The museum also showcases coins and notes of countries throughout the world. These domestic and foreign notes and coins are those which the Bank has collected since its foundation for research purposes. The prize collection of the museum is the Sempeikan Collection acquired from renowned numismatist Keibun Tanaka at the close of the Second World War.


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