Nakano-sakaue Station is a railway station in the Nakano Ward of Tokyo , served by the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and the Toei Oedo Line. Tokyo Metro has 2 platforms with 3 tracks and Toei has an island platform with 2 tracks.


The area around the station is mainly residential, but right in front of the station is a famous flea market frequented by customers from all over Tokyo . The market, called Nakano-sakaue Pao Flea Market , has about 200 shops that sell mainly clothes for women, jeans, and sneakers. There are also several convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants. Nakano-sakue Pao Flea Market is open every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Tokyo Polytechnic University (Nakano Campus)


The Nakano Campus of Tokyo Polytechnic University is located 5 minutes from Nakano-sakaue Station. The main campus of the University is situated at the bottom of Tanzawa Mountains in Atsugi, Kanagawa. Founded as Konishi Professional School of Photography in Shibuya Ward of Tokyo in 1923, the school was renamed Tokyo Polytechnic University in 1977 after several other professional courses were added to Photography. The departments at the University today are the Departments of Photographic Engineering, Photographic Printing Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Architecture, Electronic Engineering, and Media Arts. The university offers both under-graduate and graduate courses in all the subjects. The Nakano Campus offers third-year and higher students studies in the Faculty of Arts' Photography, Imaging Art, and Design (Visual Communication Course) programs.


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