Ningyocho Station is located in the Ningyocho neighborhood of Nihonbashi in Chuo Ward of Tokyo, and is served by the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and the Toei Asakusa Line.


On the Hibiya Line, Ningyocho Station has two platforms separated by two tracks - Track 1 serves passengers traveling towards Ginza and Naka Meguro Stations, and Track 2 serves those going towards Ueno and Kita-Senju Stations. On the Asakusa Line, Ningyocho Station has an island platform between two tracks - Track 3 is for passengers going towards Nihonbashi and Nishi-Magome Stations, and Track 4 traveling towards Oshiage Station.


Ningyocho is a neighborhood of Nihonbashi in Chuo Ward. Having escaped damage during the Earthquake and the World War II bombings, Ningyocho has retained much of the mood and tradition of Edo, or old Tokyo. Many of the original houses and shops of the period can also be seen in the area.

Ningyocho was originally under water in Tokyo Bay, but was reclaimed during the Edo period and turned into a market place called Edojo. With time it became an active entertainment area for kabuki dance and puppet play. Puppeteers from of all over Edo moved into the area and since that time have lived here – hence the name Ningyocho (ningyo meaning ‘puppet' or ‘doll', and cho meaning ‘town'). A famous puppeteer of Ningyocho, who still lives here, opened a puppet museum, which has become a landmark of the area.


Jusaburo-kan Museum


Jusaburo-kan Museum was opened in 1996 by Jusaburo Tsujimura, a puppeteer of Ningyocho. It displays the art of puppeteering, right from puppet making to actual performances. On the first floor of the museum, visitors can see the whole process of puppet making. A wide range of puppets made by Jusaburo are also on display – right from tiny ones made of shells to realistic life-sized ones. Here Jusaburo himself is present to answer visitors' questions. Also on the first floor is a small theater house called Medamaza. Twelve realistic life-sized dolls, representing the twelve zodiac signs, adorn Medamaza, where a doll dance show is held every month. On the second floor of the museum is the main exhibition room, where all of Jusaburo's original and best creations are exhibited. Each of these puppets is made of chirimen , a crinkly cloth, and is wearing clothes made of traditional material in various traditional designs. Hairstyles of the puppets are also all different with uniquely designed ornamental hairpins. The dolls' clothes, hairstyles, and hairpins are all designed by Jusaburo himself.


Jusaburo Tsujimura is an accomplished costume and jewelry designer as well who has also designed for films. He has received many awards in puppet-making and designing both in Japan and abroad.


Jusaburo-kan Museum is located a few minutes walk from Ningyocho Station. It is open every day, except Wednesdays, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Entry fee is 1,000 yen.


Amazake Yokocho


Ningyocho has a unique touch of Shitamachi, the old Edo downtown atmosphere. It has narrow streets with old-fashioned houses, shops, restaurants, and offices that date back to the Edo period. Just walking through these streets is an experience in itself. Of special mention is the most famous street of the area – Amazake Yokocho.


Amazake Yokocho stretches from Ningyocho Station to Meiji-za Theater. The street got its name from amazake (sweet sake), whose shops were once all over the entrance to the street. Today walking on Amazake Yokocho is like walking in old Edo. Its small shops that date back to Edo times, vary in merchandise – from traditional clothes to tsuzura (traditional lacquered bamboo basket-boxes), and from goods and products from all over Japan to restaurants that serve traditional Japanese food like beef katsu ( cutlets fried in breadcrumbs) and kyo-kasuzuke ( fish marinated in sake lees) .


A very popular food, for which Ningyocho is famous, is Ningyo-yaki . Its shops can be found in abundance not only on Amazake Yokocho, but all over Ningyocho, most of which date back to Edo times. Ningyo-yaki are baked sweets made of thin skins of eggs and sugar with a filling of rich bean paste. They are shaped like dolls, each with a different face, which make them all the more appealing.


Ningyocho is also known for the many fairs that are held in the area. The best known of these are:


Chinaware Market : Held from August 4 th to 6 th every year, the Chinaware Market is an annual clearance sale of the chinaware wholesalers. Bargain hunters, both locals and tourists flock the place to take advantage of the sale.

Bettara-ichi : Also referred to as the Radish Fair , Bettara-ichi has a history that dates back to the 1590's. On this annual event, that is held every October 19 and 20, stands selling bettara-zuke, or pickled radish, line the streets of Ningyocho. Pickle lovers from all over Tokyo throng the area to buy this traditional treat.


Toshi-no-ichi : This fair is held between December 27 and 29, and sells New Year decorations andtextile products at discounted rates.


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