Nishi Sugamo 


Nishi Sugamo Station is located on the Toei Mita Line in the western part of the neighborhood of Sugamo in the Toshima Ward of Tokyo .


Though best known for Jizo-dori, the shopping street for the older generation, or “Harajuku for Grannies” as it is popularly called, Sugamo also has some other places of interest.


Myogyoji Temple


Located 4 minutes on foot from Nishi Sugamo Station is Myogyoji Temple . Myogyoji Temple , a Hokke sect Buddhist temple, was transferred to its present location in Nishi Sugamo from the town of Iga of Yotsuya Ward in 1909. The temple is best known for being the location of the grave of Oiwa-sama.

Oiwa-sama was a woman who long ago lived in Yotsuya with her husband Iemon. One day a rich lady fell in love with Iemon and won over his heart with her money. To get rid of his wife, Iemon ordered his servant to put a little of a medicine in Oiwa's food everyday. This medicine gradually weakened Oiwa. Her hair began to fall and the right part of her face became deformed. People around her began to treat her badly. Her condition deteriorated till she finally died in 1636. Strange things began happening after her death and soon all the people who mistreated her also died.


Oiwa's grave is located in Myogyoji Temple 's graveyard under a large tree near the red torii (gate). Yondaime, a famous playwright, is credited with making Oiwa's story famous by writing a kabuki play on it. Whenever the play is performed, the actors make it a point to visit Oiwa's grave. It is said that a wish made here always comes true.


Nishi Sugamo Arts Factory


Nishi Sugamo Arts Factory was established in August 2004 by NPO Arts Network Japan and NPO ASIAS (Artist's Studio In A School) as a part of “Toshima-ku Promotion of Culture and Art Creation”. Located just 1 minute walk from Exit A2 of Nishi Sugamo Station, it is actually a disused school building and its gym that is being used as a rehearsal facility by the theater community of Tokyo . Theater and dance companies of Japan generally suffer from shortage of rehearsal space and the Nishi Sugamo Arts Factory is just one of the solutions to the problem. Other than providing rehearsing space, the school gymnasium is also used for theater performances and play reading events for the local residents. The Summer Arts Festival and the Tokyo International Arts Festival are also held every year. Soon a Children's Museum will also open here, which will provide children with an opportunity to see and experience theater art closely.


Taisho University


Taisho University is a Buddhist university established in 1926 by merging four religious educational institutions – the Religious University (Jodo denomination), Tendaishu University (Tendai denomination), Buzan University (Shingon denomination), and Chisan College (Shingon denomination). In 1949, Taisho University was given official recognition by law. The Graduate School of Advanced Literary Studies was established in 1951 and in 1956, the doctoral program was started. Today, the University has two faculties offering undergraduate courses – Faculty of Human Studies (with 4 Departments: Buddhist Studies, Social Welfare, Clinical Psychology, and Human Science), and Faculty of Literature (with 2 Departments: Language and Culture, and History and Culture). The Graduate School offers advanced studies in Buddhist Studies, Social Welfare, Clinical Psychology, Human Science, Religion, History, Japanese Literature, and Comparative Culture. Two institutes are also attached to the University - Research Institute for Comprehensive Studies of Buddhism, and Research Institute of Counseling.


Taisho University is located a 2 minute walk from Nishi Sugamo Station. Another campus is located in Saitama.


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