Shin-egota Station is located in the Egota area between Nerima and Nakano wards in the northwest of Tokyo. The station is served by the Toei Oedo Line.


Egota is an area of Tokyo which has a unique atmosphere – a new kind of blend of the Shitamachi (old Japanese culture) and the modern. The Shitamachi culture gives the area a quiet relaxing air with traditional shops and houses, and the modern has given it the latest music and DVD shops, supermarkets, and fast food joints. The modern touch is due to the large student community in Egota as 3 universities are located here – Nihon University College of Art, Musashino Academia Musicae, and Musashi University. Musashi University is only 7 minutes walk from Shin-egota Station.


Musashi University


Musashi University was founded in 1922 as a high school, then later turned into a university in 1949 when the education system was reformed after the war. Its founder, Kaichiro Nezu, a prominent businessman, started the institute with the mission “ to instill students with the knowledge and ability to conduct research, analyze problems and uncover solutions on their own”.


With what started as a university with just one faculty, the Faculty of Economics, today there are 3 faculties with 8 departments, and 2 graduate schools. These are the Faculty of Economics with the Departments of Economics, Management, and Finance; the Faculty of Humanities with the Departments of British and American Studies & Comparative Culture, European Studies and Comparative Culture, and Japanese and East-Asian Studies and Comparative Culture; and the Faculty of Sociology with the Departments of Sociology, and Socio-Media Studies. The graduate schools are the Graduate School of Economics with the Division of Economics, Management and Finance, which offers Master's Programs; and the Division of Economics and the Division of Management and Finance offering both Master's and Doctoral Programs; and the Graduate School of Humanities with the Division of European and American Studies, Division of Japanese Studies, and Division of Sociology, all offering both Master's and Doctoral Programs.


Keeping in mind its mission, the university has good relationships and exchange programs with 8 universities from 6 countries. Musashi University has a large scenic campus, richly landscaped with trees and plants.


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