Shin-Ochanomizu Station lies on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line in the Ochanomizu area of Kanda district of Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo. It is located on the south bank of Kanda River just below the JR East Ochanomizu Station, and is linked to Ogawamachi and Awajicho Stations by means of underground passageways. The most prominent features of Shin-Ochanomizu Station are the murals on the station walls, which depict the months and events of the Japanese calendar.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral

Just outside Exit B1 of Shin-Ochanomizu Station is the Holy Resurrection Cathedral. Also called Nikolai Cathedral or Nikolai-do , the cathedral is a Russian Orthodox church that took its name from its founder St. Nikolai Kassatkin (1836-1912). St. Nikolai Kassatkin was a Russian missionary who came to Japan in 1861 and spent the rest of his life here propagating the Russian Orthodox faith. The Byzantine-style church, designed by Josiah Conder, was completed in 1891. In 1923 during the Great Earthquake, the cathedral was badly damaged. Fire further damaged the building, and major rebuilding took place. The rebuilt Cathedral, this time designed by Shinito Okada, was re-consecrated in December 1929. The church is open for services on Sundays.

Nihon University

Nihon University was founded on October 4, 1889 by Count Akiyoshi Yamada as Nihon Law School. Akiyoshi Yamada was a scholar who devoted his life to modernize Japan. He was also Minister of Justice under the Meiji government, and in this capacity he studied the legal systems of the U.S.A. and Europe. In contrast to others of his time who wanted to westernize Japan, Akiyoshi Yamada wanted legal principles that were rooted in Japanese history, culture, and traditions. It was with this conviction that he founded Nihon Law School, which today is the Department of Law.

Today, Nihon University is the largest university in Japan. It has 15 colleges – College of Law, College of Humanities and Sciences, College of Economics, College of Commerce, College of Art, College of International Relations, College of Science and Technology, College of Industrial Technology, College of Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Dentistry at Matsudo, College of Bioresource Science, College of Pharmacy, and Correspondence Division. Five of these colleges – Colleges of Law, Economics, Science & Technology, Dentistry, and Correspondence Division – are located in Chiyoda close to Shin-Ochanomizu Station.

Nihon University is a reputed university and has produced numerous CEO's of Japanese companies. The College of Art is particularly well-known for having produced cinema, theater, and broadcasting personalities.

The mission of Nihon University is “to develop cultured people who are sound of mind and body and conduct in-depth academic research by gathering a broad range of knowledge from around the world”.


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