Shinjuku-sanchome Station lies on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi and the Toei Shinjuku Lines in Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo. It is located just south-east of Shinjuku Station and is connected to it by an underground passageway and a shopping mall.

Directly above Shinjuku-sanchome subway station is Isetan Department Store , one of the most famous department stores in Tokyo. Prices at Isetan range from medium to high. The basement floor is the food hall with a large array of different food counters.

Hanazono Shrine

Three minute walk from Shinjuku-sanchome Station is the Hanazono Shinto Shrine. Established by the Naito Shinjuku Family during the Edo period, this shrine has long been known as the protector of Shinjuku district. Several deities are enshrined at Hanazono Shrine, but chief among them is Yamato-takeru-no-Mikoto, to whom the shrine is dedicated. Yamato-takeru-no-Mikoto is a legendary 4th-century imperial prince who at the behest of Yamato Court, conquered barbaric aboriginal tribes. According to legend, when he died, his soul took the form of a swan and flew away.

Hanazone Shrine is a popular destination for both businessmen and farmers, as praying here is said to bring good soil condition for farmers and prosperity in business.

Every Sunday an Antique Market (kotto ichi) is held around the shrine. This popular market is known to have some of the best buys around, from ancient pottery and glass items to brand new furniture and curios.

An annual festival is held at the shrine every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday closest to May 28th. The main feature of the festival is a parade of a magnificent miniature shrine accompanied by Shinto festival music players. The parade starts at Hanazono Shrine and proceeds along Yasukuni Street, Shinjuku Street and Meiji Street. This energetic festival attracts crowds in large numbers.

In the month of November, Hanazono Shrine holds the Torinoichi Festival . Also known as the Lucky Rake Festival , it celebrates the gods of luck and business prosperity. An open air market is the main feature of the festival, where a large number of different stalls are set up. Most of these stalls sell a large variety of decorated bamboo rakes. People flock to the shrine during the festival to buy these rakes to "rake in" good luck and prosperity.

Shinjuku Suehirotei

The Shinjuku Suehirotei is one of the most prestigious traditional theatre companies of Tokyo. This Japanese-style vaudeville theater offers rakugo (comic storytelling), manzai (a comic dialogue - usually put on by two people), kodan (storytelling), and magical shows. Shinjuku Suehirotei is located just 1 minute walk from Shinjuku-sanchome Station.


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