Takadanobaba Station is located in the Takadanobaba area of Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo. Situated between the commercial districts of Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, the station is one of the busiest in the Tokyo transport network and serves as a linking hub between Seibu Shinjuku Line and the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line with the JR Yamanote Line.


Takadanobaba , often referred to simply as “Baba”, was previously known as Takatanobaba. The area was first built in 1636 as a baba , or a place for horseback riding and horse racing by the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu; Takata was the name of Matsudaira Tadateru's ( the sixth son of Iemitsu's grandfather) mother. Hence the name Takadanobaba (or Takatanobaba). Throughout the Edo period, Takadanobaba remained a riding ground.


Today Takadanobaba, or simply Baba, is known as a students' quarter. Due to its proximity to Waseda University, Gakushuin University, and several other vocational and training schools, the neighborhood has several bookstores, cheap bars, and izakayas . Every evening the streets around the station become crowded with students frequenting the stores, bars, and izkayas , or just hanging around. Several foreigners are also seen in the area because of the New York-style Ben's Café, the English language bookstore The Blue Parrot, Mickey House, and the English pub The Fiddler. The symbol of Takadanobaba is Big Box, the imposing building right next to the station, which houses a sports gym, some cheap clothing stores, a bookstore, a 100-yen shop and a fast food restaurant.


Takadanobaba is also home to the famous Astro Boy, the fictional character created by Osamu Tezuka. To commemorate this, Takadanobaba Station plays the theme music of the television series on the JR Yamanote platform to signal that a train is about to leave. Many lamp posts in the area also carry pictures of Astro Boy.


The area also has several small temples and shrines. Among them are Mizuinari Shrine, Anahachiman Shrine, Raiko Temple, Seigan Temple, and Suwa Shrine which is said to have spring water flowing from it. There are also various decent cost apartments and guesthouses in Takadanobaba.

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