Takanawadai Station lies on the Toei Asakusa Line in Minato Ward of Tokyo. The station has one platform with two tracks – one for passengers traveling to Nishi Magome Station to the west, and the other for those traveling to Sengakuji and Oshiage Stations to the east.

Takanawadai Station serves the nearby exclusive neighborhoods of Shirokanedai and Takanawa. The housing for the House of Representatives is also in the vicinity, besides Meijin Gakuin University and several hotels.


Tozen-ji Temple


Tozen-ji Temple is located a short walk from Takanawadai Station. This historical temple, which belongs to the Myoshinji School of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, was built in 1610 by Buddhist priest Reinan. Originally built as Reinan-en Temple over the reservoir of the city, it was moved to its present location in Takanawa in 1636 and renamed Tozen-ji.


Tozen-ji Temple has been made famous by a major historical incident. In 1859, the first British legation headed by Sir Rutherford Alcock, was housed here in the temple. In 1861, a group of anti-western samurai attacked the legation and the British retaliated, resulting in a small battle. Bullet holes and sword nicks can still be seen in the main hall building.


Tozen-ji is an impressive temple in every sense, with its own neighboring rises – Hora-zaka (Cave Rise) and Katsura–zaka (Wig Rise).

Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Art

Founded by Hatakeyama Kazukiyo, founder of Ebara Industries, in 1964, to celebrate the anniversary of his 80th birthday, Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Art is a small private museum. It is housed in an authentic Japanese building, designed by Hatakeyama himself, in the fashionable residential area of Shirokanedai, 5 minutes from Takanawadai Station.

The exhibits are all the private collection of Hatakeyama. He had a passion for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese traditional arts and undertook the task of preserving and promoting them. The collection includes over 1,500 pieces of valuable tea utensils, such as Shino-yaki fresh water jars, Iga-yaki vases, porcelain and lacquer ware, besides calligraphy and paintings. The items are not displayed all at the same time. Instead, 40 to 50 objects are displayed at a time, and then rotated four times a year. Thirty-three of the 1,500 works have been designated important cultural assets, and six pieces are national treasures.

The museum also has a tea ceremony room overlooking a small garden. The museum is free and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Mondays.


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Grand Prince New Takanawa (A-06)

Two minutes from Takanawadai Station is Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. This modern, fully-serviced deluxe hotel offers nine restaurants and bars, shopping boutiques, 11 banquet halls, a rooftop swimming pool, a garden, and an executive floor among its facilities. ry and splendor they desire.

Grand Prince Takanawa (A-06)

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa is located within easy access to business and tourist attractions, and just 3 minutes from Takanawadai Station. Amenities include luxurious rooms, 11 dining options, and an outdoor swimming pool in a beautifully landscaped Japanese garden.

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Located on 5 acres of landscaped Japanese Garden , Radisson Miyako features spacious guest rooms and suites. Facilities include a fully equipped health club, restaurants, and conference facilities. Radisson Miyako is situated 8 minutes walk from Takanawadai Station.

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