Takashimadaira Station is located on the Toei Mita Line in the Takashimadaira district of Itabashi Ward in the north-west of Tokyo.


Takashimadaira is a relatively quiet area of Tokyo. Coming out of Takashimadaira Station, the first thing that one comes across is the Takashimadaira Public Housing Complex , which is located right across the street from the station. Built by the Housing and Urban Development Corp., it is the largest public housing complex in Tokyo, and the third largest in Japan. All of the 10,170 inexpensive housing units in the 10-story high buildings are exactly the same (two-rooms and a living/dining room/kitchen area). The complex includes a shopping area, a park, a library, and a police booth.


Extending from east to west along the Takashimadaira Public Housing Complex is Akatsuka Park . As one of Tokyo's largest parks, it covers an area of 8.6 hectares. The park has a natural forest setting with a wide variety of tall trees. Its features include a bird sanctuary, tennis courts, track fields, a baseball ground and a barbeque area. Akatsuka Park is also known for its 200 by 20 meter field of wild nirinso (windflowers). Its small white flowers beautifully cover the ground right after the cherry bloom season, thus extending the bloom watching season further. Also located in Akatsuka Park are the ruins of Akasaka Castle . Akasaka Castle was built in the 13 th century as a means of defense against Mongol invasions, and consisted of a number of buildings surrounded by a wooden wall.


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