Tawaramachi Station is a station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line in the Asakusa district of Taito Ward of Tokyo.


Tawaramachi is mainly known as the station for Kappabashi, or ‘Kitchen Town', located a short walk from the station.




Kappabashi, or Kitchen Town, is the world's largest restaurant wholesale district. The area, which is easily recognizable by a large chef head at the top of a building, is entirely populated with shops selling everything for the restaurant trade. Most shops line both sides of the main 800 m long street, with others on either side of the side streets.


Most shops of Kappabashi cater exclusively to restaurants. Everything from industry-sized kitchen equipments; furniture; plastic display foods found outside most Japanese restaurants; restaurant uniforms; crockery; decorations and much more can be found here. There are also shops selling all kinds of kitchen gadgets - from electrical appliances to cutters and molds.


Tokyo has over 80,000 restaurants and they all buy their equipment and cookware from the over 170 shops of Kappabashi.


Kappabashi is a must for all those who love to cook and for all kitchen gadget enthusiasts. It takes a whole day to go through all the shops. The shops are closed on Sundays.


Drum Museum


Drum Museum is located 2 minutes from Tawaramachi Station. Situated on the fourth floor of the Rox Department Store building, the museum's collection includes over 600 drums, which are displayed in batches of 200 at a time. The drums are of a large variety and include Japanese traditional drums as well as drums of all kinds from all over the world. The displays cover the walls, shelves, and floors of the small museum and each exhibit is accompanied with explanations of where, when and how it is used. The drums may also be touched and played, which makes it a popular place especially for children and drum lovers. The museum also has a souvenir shop which sells percussion instruments as well as decorative items.


The museum, owned by Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, drum manufacturers for traditional drums used in temple festivals in Japan, is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is ¥ 300 for adults and ¥ 150 for children.


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